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By Anonymous
Step 1: Build 4 or more Water Purifiers-Industrial.
Step 2: Connect them to Medium Generators because they require 5 Power in order to run.
Step 3: After you connect your Water Purifiers-Industrial leave them, because Purified Water don't generate at faster rate( I suggest you explore the commonwealth do side-quests or just do the Dora the Explorer thing)(PS: I don't suggest you to wait or sleep 24 hours because it won't work just leave them)
Step 4: Once you played the game over an hour or more goo back to your Settlement and check the Workshop if you have enough Purified Waters let's say x100 Purified Waters sell them.
Step 5: There you go you earned enough CAPS to buy new gears,refill your ammos,buy explosives and even buy Legendary/Unique Gears and Weapons.

Lastly: If you sell x1 Purified Water it'll cost 20 Caps therefore if you multiply them by the quantity of your Purified Water you can earn more than 3000+ or more CAPS. If you're confused here's the table see below.

If you have x100 Purified Water you can earn = 2,000 Caps

X100 = 2,000 Caps
X200 = 4,000 Caps
X300 = 6,000 Caps
x400 = 8,000 Caps
x500 = 10,000 Caps
x600 = 12,000 Caps
x700 = 14,000 Caps
X800 = 16,000 Caps
x900 = 18,000 Caps
x1000 = 20,000 Caps

Created by: banter
By richboy2307
Lol wow. Nice!
I like me some 'get rich quick' schemes.
By Anonymous
Most places I've found only buy purified water for 7 caps. Where are you that you are selling for 20?
By Anonymous
So, i just check out the video by JV2017gameplay regarding this tips/guide check out his vid:
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By BlitzKeir
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Buying price is based on that vendor's relationship with you, and further improved by relevant perks. He probably has multiple ranks in the perk that improves prices.
By Anonymous
Who won?
By Anonymous
Either ps4 or xbox 1 is fine with me :)
By Anonymous
One for console and three for games. Says so on rules
By Anonymous
Would love to win!:)
By Anonymous
Giveaway isn;t working 11/8 GARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Anonymous
How is the winner notified? Email? Phone call? Owl with a letter? What yall think?.. anyone?
By Dizturbed19
Hi did you select the winner. I am hoping i had a chance because this would make my year!
By Anonymous
It would be Awsome to win the ps4 it would be a very happy day for me id be playing fallout 4 or starwars battlefront Oomgg!
By Anonymous
I would just be happy to win a copy of the game :)
By Anonymous
It will not let me share on Facebook. "due to contenet thats others have reported as offensive" ?????
By Anonymous
When will they announce winners ?
By Anonymous
Would be great to win this for my Grandson
By Anonymous
still no announcement?
By Anonymous
3 years after release this game is still a glitch ridden mess of a garbage so called "video game" and instead of fixing the game which has been out for 3 years, Bethesda releases a new Fallout game (76) with even more problems then this game has. I currently have 4 quests I can't turn in because the game won't let me interact with the NPC's necessary to complete the quest. The game is such a mess I honestly think Sony, Microsoft and steam should just take the game off their stores until Bethesda DOES THEIR JOB AND FIXES THEIR 3 YEAR OLD GAME. Bethesda are by far the worst game developers in the country and SCREW the fanboy's feelings! Facts don't care about your feelings fanboys!!!
By Anonymous
2000 hours in, never had much of a problem with glitches.
By Anonymous
yall be playing on ps2 thatss why your games are crashing casul
By Anonymous
jk its a great game