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Let's say you use console to give yourself more bobbleheads, would the effects stack?
Why not just use console commands to add more special points then? Whats the benefit of trying to glitch out bobbleheads if you could just add more points the simple way?


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"In the case of SPECIAL bobbleheads, they will raise your associated Stat above the maximum level of 10." Does anyone know if the stat has to be maximum to reach 11 via a bobblehead? or can I can raise it from 5 to 6 with a bobblehead and later on raise it via skillpoint from 10 to 11?
no cap indeed but if you find a bobble head increasing a stat before you ve reached 10 you can't raise it to eleven via normal skill points it seems
I don't know what the limit is to special in FO4, i had my charisma at thirteen last night thanks to clothing and drugs. Should be able to put them up to eleven with the bobble head.
historically speaking, no.
In power armour my str was 11, so I think there are ways to calculate 10+ stats.
There's certainly no cap I previously reached 20 INT.
It used to be if you used chems to lower your stat below 10 then used a bobblehead you could go above 10 once your stat returned to normal.