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By Anonymous
The ring doesn't seems to work in, the divine prayers are as expensive with or without the ring (tried with Divine Armor and Divine Blessed Weapon)
By Anonymous
Does not work in either.
By Anonymous
Still not working.
By Anonymous
Patch : serves no purpose.
By Anonymous
tested, still aint workin
By Anonymous
2020 on the switch, sacred linens consumes 80 focus with or without ring. Do not use
By Anonymous
#16202584 still doesn't work(test with Rejuvanate)
By Anonymous
It’s 2021 and still doesn’t work *cries*
By Anonymous
2022, still doesn't work
By Anonymous
Hmm... I think it still not working. Such a shame 10/26/2020
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By Prios
Works for me, maybe an update fixed it. According to my tests, the 10% reduction in prayer cost is applied AFTER the reduction from equip weight percentage is applied. (Higher equip weight percentage reduces prayer cost.)