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lol get rookt
lol so gooood
I think the most mad person in this walkthrough was me, not the mad alchemist.

Holy *****, I have died because of him like 20 times now.
I tried to understand his strategy but he is still too hard.

***** him mate.
Well if you can get a friend to join i can assure you that i will become pretty easy(Much like the rest of the game in co-op seriusly ive been playing w a friend from the start and most of the game is a piece fo cake) If you get him to change constantly the aggro and focus on land as most hits as possible its not that hard, also you may wanna try the chef armor, it gives you a lot of poison resistanse
Mad alchemist is ***** but i beat him after 4 deaths. Mostly i had stun him (2h sword combo) and jump platform to drink/eat healing item.
Try with dagger... or whip ^^
he easy
use the fastest weapon u can find
There is no rhyme or reason to him, no strategy either. Just beat him until he dies
While this is a super outdated comment, here's my suggestion on how to beat him: - I usually use Pitchfire to kill him. I honestly think pitchfire/Imperial Pitchfire is OP af with low level bosses. - When you jump below the two top platforms, make sure you have your healing item ready. - Hit low HP? Jump on one of the two top platforms, heal, get back below battle and keep hitting. - Use greatsword with no shield. Shield just prolongs the win by slowing down attacks. This is how I beat him, if you have a problem with this, sorry ;-;
the best game 2d
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