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The Relentless Ring is pretty game changing regardless of your build. No matter what method you go about attacking your enemies this ring makes sure that you have enough stamina left over to get your attacks in, dodge, and keep going. As the name implies you'll be able to play a lot more aggressively as stamina suddenly becomes less of an issue. Pair this with the Mossy Ring and you're golden.
False statement. The ring decrease stamina fatigue, not stamina. It's when you keep casting a spell and your stamina bat decrease. It's the same system as wounding with health bar, but with stamina. So it's a mage item, not for pure melee builds.
Not only does it seem to _NOT_ "Dramatically reduce stamina fatigue from combat.", it seems to do nothing (magic or melee). Testing reveals only rounding errors.
turns out it "Dramatically reduce stamina fatigue from _BLOCKING_"



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This ring will reduce all fatigue from stamina use only. Anything that consumes stamina causes fatigue at stam/400 and this ring changes that to stam/1000!