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By Anonymous
Seeing all of these things are a schock horror for me. They always took me 3/4 of my full health bar... but also only needs all 3 of my equipped greatsword normal slashes which I got that going on for me :v
By Anonymous
fire barrage do nothing to these things ._.
By Anonymous
Their hit boxes are so broken.I was climbing on a rope when one of them did their charge attack and BAM, suddenly i found myself on the ground, getting stabbed to death.
By Anonymous
that glorious moment when you get stabbed to death by a little runt
By Anonymous
Murder children. KILL THEM WITH FIRE!!!!!
By Anonymous
Oh hey lil man how you doin -- NO NO AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
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By Prios
They're so adorable! Run up and give them a hug.