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Even easier in co-op, where the other player distracts the witch.Rush down the big guy, and make sure to stay out of the way of the mage's traps. Used the last bosses' greatsword, arcane paper, and goldenwine. Dies in about 10-15 seconds. The run there is about the same + a few extra for buffs. Carry a decent supply of bells and make sure not to kill both at once. Only the big guy.
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Any ideas how to deal with mines Architect lays without shield? On later playthroughs you can't really dps Unskinned down before some RNG bombs explode on you.
By Anonymous
Roll threw them? Just a suggestion
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You can totally roll through them, although if you're caught in a bad spot, you're likely dead.The Unskinned moves a lot slower than the Architect sans his charging attacks, so if you frequently change position to avoid him and his attacks entirely, you should be able to bring the Architect down at first. Once you're there, you've basically won.
By Anonymous
I'm betting the Architect and the Witch of the Lake are the Princess and the Princess's maiden respectivily.

Their lore kinda fits both characters either trough their role in the game or their looks.

The princess and her maid would lure unaware adventurers/ mercs to travel with her as their bodyguards and send em to their doom in the island in order to continue their experiments (please the nameless god ?)

I might be looking too much into it but it wouldn't be too far fetched would it ?
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By skarekrow13
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Do you mean the Princess from the ship from the beginning of the game? I'm sorry to say they're definitely not the same pair. The Architect is named "Kaira" and the Witch is "Saira." Saira is the younger of the two twin sisters. There's a decently robust story for them via items.
By Anonymous
While Kaira could potentially sneak around pretending to be a princess, Saira has a bunch of giant mutant blade tentacles, so she's fooling nobody. That said, it seems to be implied that the island itself draws its victims to itself, and both twins seem very keen on their tasks (Saira guarding Siam Lake and the Salt Alkymancery, and Kaira making new constructs and experiments).
By Filamach
This one can be for some people one of the worst bosses on NG+ , combination of Unskinned attacks, that throws u all over the map and Architect's magic circles, makes literally pinball from u. You get and than 1 2 3 hits by those orbs and u are dead.
Shield, trying to fight unskinned alone, are best options for me and ofc ATTACK POWER.
By Anonymous
No comments on the his horrible poison resist?
The unskinned is poisoned with every hit of a poison dealing weapon, it stacks beautifully with the Pessklaw
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I dont know where yall got your info from....but I just fought this duo and I went three dang times with...bloodfeather charm and band...defenders band...plated band and endurance band. I drank golden wine and applied pitchfire to weapon and die every.single.time. Jump to attempt four and I switch to lightening instead of pitch....they were dead in maybe four/five hits. Wayyyy before the GW ran out(60secs) Lightening is TENFOLDS more powerful in this fight.
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Tysm, I was struggling with this boss for so long bc I couldn’t do enough damage but the lightning made it so much easier
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If you’re a mage, DEFINITELY equip Storm Barrage & Arcane Torrent on a staff. Don’t use the Queen of Smiles outfit (low holy defense).
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bro that was the actual easiest boss fight for me now i obliterated them with the arcane build