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Only two? I desecrate my only sanctuary with NPC! D:
Make a new character with it, drop it in the first sanctuary, exit, make another character with it and leave it in the inventory, go onto the first character and co-op with the newly made one, drop the item.
You can't drop stone effigies. -.-
Is there any way to play with friends on PC?




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Yes, but I believe you need two controllers.
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Do you also need 2 "Accounts" on PC? Or just 2 characters on a single account?
in whatching woods have one i dont know exactly the coordenades
and crypt of dead gods i see other (my english it's bad sorry great game! :) )
How did you get cordenesand from coordinates
I was experimenting with co op and shareplay
1:Make a second playstation account and a character on it
2:Make sure both of your accounts are logged in
3:Press O near the sellsword npc and have them press X

The host needs ps+ the game and internet connection
The visitors only need internet connection

Crickets26 if you want to play co op with me.Let me know your from this message
If your explaining some unusual way to play coop online you need a link or more details because you just described local coop, which dosent need ps plus or an Internet connection if you have two profiles on your PlayStation.
There's a huge as in the middle of the article text
Why the blood-soaked hell is there only two? And why isn't this in the Vita version? I don't even mean the co-op, the boost to shield blocks would've been immensely useful throughout the whole game.
You can find a 4th sellsword in crypt of dead gods near a crypt keeper it to the bottom left of the complex wall hug and jump spot.
Hi, is this a consumable that is lost on use?
Yes it is. It can only be used in one sanctuary of your choice, and then it's used up. However, there are multiple.