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This must be the Jared's creed
I'm pretty sure that Jared is a devote of Nalemess God, but in a more personal way than the Betrayers
This calls for a DLC!
It is interesting to note that while I was poking around the sprites, I came across a sprite called "kingcat" - it is a grey cat that is completely finished, as well as having a few larger scale drawings/concept art, and a size comparison to the player (knee height). From what I can see, it would be in one of two positions: sitting down or standing. The front and back legs each have their own separate sprites, which makes me think KC would have been able to walk around, maybe even following the player. I could well be this creed would belong to him, as it is a king, but a cat, being a bit mad and out of the ordinary. It must also be of note that the description reads that he "died and kept on living" maybe this could be in reference to Japanese culture where cats are often linked to immortality, or maybe even that the king died, and reincarnated as a cat. Again, this is all speculation, but interesting nonetheless. If I can, I actually want to try to resurrect this cat and creed in the way I just described in a mod, so hopefully I'll be able to do that, but please, tell me what you think of this. Do you agree? Do you have a slightly altered opinion? Or do you think I've got my tin foil hat on a bit too tight?