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In my account, It's just have level up; tree of skills and done... I can make offerring from benning but in the middle is ... impossible. . .?
By Anonymous
You accumulated sin, it sounds like. See the Sin page.
By Anonymous
You have to worship the same covenant
By Anonymous
I think that you have to worship whatever god the sanctuary is dedicated to to be able to make an offering
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Do UNUSED offering stones carry over to ng+?
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By Nightlistic
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This statue is only worth using if you have someone to co-op with you. If not its useless and takes up a offering socket so I'd only use if you have someone to play the game with otherwise you handicap yourself by not having one of the useful NPC at a sanctuary
By Anonymous
it grant blok
By Anonymous
Has anyone figured out how exactly are Stone NPCs placed ? Because whenever I try to put a Stone Alchemist and a Stone Blacksmith side by side, the game denies it and puts them far from each other. It's SO triggering !
By Anonymous
if one is being chased by enemies and runs inside a sanctuary, the sanctuary NPCs help them out with the fight. In this situation, can the NPCs die?
By Anonymous
Yes, they die (and drop a little gold), but a replacement runs in soon. So it doesn't seem like something to worry about.
By Anonymous
yes but they respawn
By Anonymous
Has anyone calculated the attack bonus for the black smith I can't find it anywhere on the web, or does it mean you get more dps or something like that...WHAT DOES IT MEAN? ITS A MYSTERY...LOL
By Anonymous
Do the Bonus effects stack with themselves? Like if I put 4 stone guides in one sanctuary will I get the item find bonus of all 4 at the same time?
By Anonymous
You cannot make more than one offering of the same type.