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By ChickenMan759
I think I will choose this race for my "Evil Incarnate" Build: basically be the baddest of the bad!
By Anonymous
But Sir Francis the Resolute came from Tristin, a great warhero to the people and slayer of evildoers.

He later died, and was risen from death as the Sodden Knight.
By Anonymous
I like this fake history. Props for whomever wrote that :) I had a blast while reading it.
By Anonymous
So, which is the REAL story?
By Anonymous
Just wanted to point out that he posted April 3, not April 1
By Anonymous
What is the creed they follows?
By Anonymous
Most probably Devara, as they enforced a religeous witchhunt.
The Three are out I think as the enemys(Askaria) religion. The Keeper of Fire and Sky are more like a Sorcery school and the Mountainsmiths are nigh Northmen exclusiv.
By Anonymous
...and the Order of the Betrayer isn't exactly a very popular creed or one that could properly lead an entire nation.
By Anonymous
If the Pitchwoods are part of Tristin, does that mean that they are well adapted to Spindlebeasts? Maybe those are the reason Askaria die not Take them yet? Imagine an army of Knights riding on Spindlebeasts at you XD
By Anonymous
Spindlebeast are actually an abomination created by salt alkymancy and aren't native to Tristen
By Anonymous
Another thing, As your character who is from Tristin you will see he got vampire teeth upon getting hit.