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Is this ring explicitly for spell casters?
Yep, it allows you to cast spells even after your "Focus" runs out, it is a must have for every mage who plans to cast a ton of magic.
Not necessarily, however I believe it also has a hidden effect in that it increases your Focus to be locked to roughly two-thirds of your stamina total as well...

I had around 160 stamina and with this ring on I had 106 Focus, without the ring, my focus total dropped down to the mid/high 60's.
"Locks minimum stamina to one third of stamina." Had to find out from other players that it actually gives you Focus at 1/3 stamina, not 1/3 stamina.
Actually it gives Focus 33% of your Focus Pool
Ah, so the ring actually gives you extra focus based on a fraction of your stamina pool ?
Cheech, why not describing it this way, dear devs ? +facepalm+

When I first encountered it I tried it on and was phazed that it seemingly did nothing at all... really unnecessary confusion in this one !