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By Anonymous
The attack speed on this weapon is awful considering the damage output. It seems like you are much better off one handing a great sword for the extra damage and not significantly less attack speed.
By Saltbourne
The trade off for the higher damage of a greatsword class weapon is the lower stamina cost, lower weight, greater speed, and the different moveset this sword class weapon possesses. Certainly slower than almost all other sword class weapons, it is still faster than the Scharfrichter - the fastest of the greatsword class weapons. So the weapon is not quite as obsolete as it seems, though it should go without saying; to each their own. Use what suits your own tastes/playstyle.
By Anonymous
i have every prerequisite to craft it but it does not show up in the list of things to transmute? is it a bug? or do i need to use a class four sword to make it?
By Anonymous
I have the same Problem
By Anonymous
Maybe you have the axe knight ashes instead?
By CommanderCohn
The basic attacks are quite slow even with the Mossy Charm, but if you use jumping light attacks, it is just ever so slightly slower than an Arming Sword with a Mossy Charm, and still quicker than heavier weapons. It's a bit tougher with combat that doesn't involve jumping, as you'll need either Balance or well-timed shield blocks to defend yourself. The speed picks up after the initial light, going into a nice 1-1/2/3-1/2/3 from there
By CommanderCohn
Note: This is one-handed. I can't vouch for two-handing it.
By Anonymous
Why not just use the Kureimoa?

It does more damage, has more reach, weighs just as much, has lower requirements, and can be obtained much earlier.
The only things this weapon has on the Kureimoa is a faster attack speed and lower stamina costs, the former being marginal due to the reach, and the latter becoming less of an issue the more you level Willpower.
By Anonymous
Diversity. That's why.

Also higher base damage, and better 1-handed moveset which encourages the use of an off-hand tool.
By Anonymous
Greatswords make the game too easy.
By Anonymous
The one-handed moveset of even a slow sword is much better than any greatsword's one-handed moveset, as all greatswords get a hefty speed penalty when one-handed. Swords also have the ability to do aerial combos, making them far better for dealing with flying enemies. Finally, this sword scales more off of dexterity than strength, so different builds can make use of it. All that said, class 4 weapons are in an awkward spot because there's no easy early way to get diamond clusters (earliest way is to rank up with House of Splendor, to my knowledge.)
By Anonymous
Don't let the Slow-Hitter turn you off ! This weapon is AMAZING~
By Anonymous
Has longer reach than your average sword. Possibly the longest.
By Anonymous
Being a one handed sword + shield player this is my weapon of choice. Don't let the Slow Hitter turn you down.
By Anonymous
Although slow and has mediocre scaling, its high base damage means higher weapon buff damage.
Buff this weapon with any resins and it becomes surprisingly good, not to mention that it has good range.
By Lux_the_Lost
What the comments here are saying. Tack the mossy charm onto this thing to offset the slower speed, and with the way its base damage works even at lower Dex levels this thing hits like a truck. The light-to-heavy uppercut combo does a decent amount of stagger, too, and this thing works great with any buffs (to where a single light hit is enough to dispatch a decent number of enemies).

Add an elemental buff AND the Goldenwine, and you'll be ripping things to shreds in seconds. Don't let that slower swing speed effect fool you; this thing is a monster.