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How is this greatsword an axe weapon...
Because it's NOT a greatsword anymore, it's been BROKEN. Or would you be happier with your greatsword being about a foot in length and sporting a blunted tip?
Because its blade is about as long as its hilt.
it's broken in half in-game
Same way the red guillotine’s an axe. It’s all in the way you use it.
"batsuichi tsuka" literally translates to "divorced handle" in this context, this should give you abit of an obvious explanation as to how...
For a broken greatsword hilt that turned into an axe weapon for some *****ed reason, it is pretty ******* slow


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Using the Mossy Charm with it might help you out a bit. I don't really mind the slowness but the charm helps me anyway.
The slowness kind of kills this weapon. If you want a good strength weapon to use with a shield, you're better served by a Red Guillotine or Stone Cleaver.
Outclassed by the Kraekan Axe in almost every way. Range, weight, damage, scaling, even style if you ask me. The only things this weapon has going for it are the base damage (only 2.8 more than a Kraekan Axe) and the low transmutation cost.
You forgot looks
Special - slow hitter

Description - "-serviceable even in this sorry state owing to its newfound LIGHTNESS and SPEED."
It fast to compare with greatswords
Google translator said, what this weapon names "Tangled". Is this translation fully correct?
No. Batsuichi in Japanese actually commonly means "Has been divorced once."
It CAN be used to mean "One strike / first strike", but only in the context of like, baseball.

So really, this sword doesn't mean "Blade of the first strike / blade of the first penalty."

It means "Divorced woman's sword."
its more like "Divorced Handle" since tsuka means handle in japanese and in the lore after being disowned by Jaret, Cran went up against one of the armoured titans in the castle of storms and ended up having his sword split in two, therefore this is the handle that was "divorced" from the rest of crans blade
Charm move?
It's just a flag for weapon "sword" type axes to move the charm from the blade to the hilt.
Charms are set on a certain part for the weapon class it belongs to. Charm move has the charm on another location on the weapon.
"it remains serviceable even in this sorry state owing to its newfound lightness and speed"

so why is it a slow hitter, game?