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By Anonymous
The combo/special is a bit different for this weapon.(ps4) - It seems that rotating the left stick while attacking with square will allow for a spinning attack with a launch and slam follow up. The spinning move is similar to the spin combo for poleaxes.
By Cthulhu_cuddler
Also, holding down on the left stick after the spin attack and continuing the combo with square, will chain the launch
By Anonymous
Thank you! I was wondering how to do the special; I had done it twice before but I didn't know how I had done it.
By Cthulhu_cuddler
Upon further testing, it seems the spin attack can be achieved simply by holding up on the left stick while swinging with square.
By Anonymous
Thats not unique to this item. Almost every reaper/Spear does that.
By Anonymous
Very effective on most enemies and many bosses since holy-weakness is widespread. You don't get much from strength scaling though, so any build with at least 40 wisdom can use it properly. Also, it looks cool af :)
By Anonymous
At 50 WIS and 5 STR, this weapon has an Attack of 70.7/19.6 at tier VII (71.7/19.6 when 2-handing).
By Turntapeover
I believe the holy scaling has been fixed. Im at 40 wis on it right now and the holy damage stands at 59 and physical at 23 (only 6 str).
By Anonymous
I just found my in-between from the Haymaker until the Trinity Bardiche.
By Anonymous
I love this one, end NG+ with spin-to-win combo <(")
By Anonymous
I mean NG+7
By Anonymous
best reaper in the game
By Anonymous
Man all of this pages need an emergency update. I got 83 STR & 64 wisdom and my damage is 19.6/70.3 at rank VII