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By Anonymous
From what I've experienced so far, every boss' gold reward seems to follow this formula : "Base salt reward" + 10 = "Gold reward". Even Murdiella Mal follows this rule (0 salt + 10 = 10 gold).I don't know of any exception, but there might be one.
By Anonymous
guessing this applies to normal enemies as well?
By Anonymous
The exception is NG+ and further.
By Anonymous
The Forgotten King has 30 more gold than salt.
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By Argetlam350
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Someone seems to of messed with the Sodden Knight description and name.
By Anonymous
The Hardest boss in my opinion was defiantly the Witch of the lake....
By Anonymous
She was the only one that killed me in one hit
By Anonymous
Gravity is the hardest boss
By Anonymous
Witch of the Lake and the Disembowled Husk were the two hardest in my opinion.

The Forgotten Three was a huge pain in the *** just because there's so much going on at once.
By Anonymous
She was easy, killed her in two tries. Now the nameless god is difficult...
By Anonymous
I have fought her twice and she has killed me 47 times, so i totally agree
By Anonymous
It all depends on the build you go for. In any case, I agree the Witch or the Lake is definitely the most difficult, no doubt.
By Anonymous
That or disemboweled husk for me.
By Anonymous
For me that boss is an rng fest praying she doesn't use the I win button and pulls out the vine chaos whatever attack that does 40 damage per hit
By Anonymous
Technically speaking, the Stench Most Foul is an optional boss... as it's possible to complete the game without ever acquiring the Redshift Brand. There is another way to enter the Ruined Temple without it...
By Anonymous
if you kill the kraekan cyclops you get the green key then you dont need to kill the false jester but if you kill the jester instead you dont need to kill the cyclops
By Anonymous
what happen if i kill both will something changes like harder enemie ?
By Anonymous
No, the difference is only the game time you will spend and the reward(the gold and souls from the 2 bosses, so you will lose 2~3 lvls)
By Anonymous
There is a way to reach almost everywhere after killing Sodden Knight, using shift+jump... it takes a bit of skill but I've managed to arrive to the Witch without killing any other boss. Maybe you can reach even further.
By Anonymous
What? How?
By Anonymous
even in a glitchless, control mapping abuse (long jump, ladder trick, etc.) free run of this game, far more bosses are optional than simply the ones listed. The only bosses required, from what I can tell, are Sodden Knight, Kraeken Cyclops or False Jester, Kraeken Wyrm, Untouched Inquisitor, Third Lamb, Dried King, Witch of the Lake, Unskinned + Architect, Kraeken Dragon Skourzh, and Nameless God. Only 10/23 are required at minimum.
By Anonymous
Sodden Knight can be skipped if you jump from the floor above the "bonfire" before the boss. If you jump full life and walf back in-air you can survive with ~10 hp.

If you don't kill Kraeken Cyclops, you need to kill the mad alchemist to get to the false jester, so, is better kill only the Kraeken to skip these 2 bosses.
By Anonymous
You can also totally skip the queen and just keep on hopping through the woods towards the the Mad Alchemist (Although you will miss out on Fern's quest, the Haymaker, a Black pearl)

This doesn't even involve Longjumping, ladderjumping or Bell Abusing. This is on no level hard or soft-abusing the game's code, which in my book makes this a totally optional boss.
By Anonymous
Path of least Bosses:
Sodden Knight>Kraeken Cyclops>Kraeken Wyrm>Untouched Inquisitor>Third Lamb>Dried King>Witch of the Lake>Unskinned&Architect>Kraeken Skourzh>Nameless God

Path of Glitch:
Unskinned&Architect>Skourzh>Nameless God
By Anonymous
sodden is pretty much optional since you can just jump off the castle without using a glitch ;)
By Anonymous
untouched inquisitor can be skipped if you drop down to elevator switch from the above platform. Can't say I recommend skipping bosses though since they are generally a good source for salt and gold.
By Anonymous
I would love this game more if the bosses were a bit less confusing. They're like Bloodborne bosses in a Dark Souls game, having them be fast with a lot of attacks doesn't work well. I don't feel accomplished when I kill one, just relieved I don't have to keep wasting resources on fighting the jerk. I'm not sure what they were going for, but with an AOE on almost every melee, lingering hitboxes, heavy tracking, ability to stunlock and annoying Damage over Time, they aren't as fun as the rest of the game.
By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
This game is amazing ! I'm now on NG+ with paladin on strong/magic tree. I now defeated That Stench Most Foul and he was easy AF. I can't wait till' I reach Nameless God.