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Carsejaw, Coveted, Bloodless Prince, Stench, Queen of Smiles, and Husk.

Also if you kill the Cyclops the Alchemist and Jester are skippable.
Yeah, there are quite some skippable bosses
The fact is the exact opposite: I don't want to skip any of them!!
Using the merchant set gives pretty solid arcane resist. I think I killed her at lvl 60 ish using a headsman's voulge 5. Currently 130 on NG+ and having a hard time with a northern cross maxed. Worth possibly putting points into prayer to get etherial intervention. Arcane defense ring will also help. While this fight is 95% dodging, having the defense to survive getting clipped by a few attacks will help immensely.
Ashen Effigy shield is the answer to all problems...
Silver shield has 100 arcane def for anyone having issues at this point
You need to need the Cyclops battle cause I get almost one shoted and even if I doge roll he still hits me. If it dosent get fixed soon am reporting you guys
If you stop sucking his ***** you might be able to kill him.
Its pretty easy to kill.............
Or you could just git gud
Lmao, seriously, you need to work for it to even get hit.
very scrub much anger....
Then get better. Don't blame the game.
Funny how some bosses are like Dark Souls 1 bosses.

Ronin Cran is like Knight Artorias.
Murdiella Mal is a dark version of the Moonlight Butterfly.
Carsejaw the Cruel is clearly Gravelord Nito with a minor difference on his vertical stab.
And the Witch of the Lake is something that the Witch of Izalith should've been.
in case you dont know, creators dont even hide it they are inspired by Dark Souls...
The game desperately needs a map, I fought the wyvern before I fought Smiles...

I'm forced to look at wiki in order to know where to go, walking around in game is so boring when I can't find out what to do next.
Guide in every secound sancruary is solution. Also, drop rate up. BTW what kind of player are you do proceed to next location before checking every corner of previus one? Heretic...
If you was having fun with the game, you would explore all the area before proceeding to the next one ;z
Something like half of the bosses for the not optional category can be never fought without using any glitches. If you get dart brand and go to far beach you can get through woods and get to Witch of the Lake without fighting: The Queen of Smiles, one of (Mad Alchemist + False Jester / Kraekan Cyclops), The Tree of Men, The Disemboweled Husk, That Stench Most Foul, The Bloodless Prince and The Coveted. You don't have to use any glitches or anything, just take right path through the game...
I can tell that "the coveted" and "carsejaw the cruel" are optional too, since I finished the game without beating them (there is often a way to pass a boss trought another way)
Did you know the forgotten king,judge and knight are the 3 ''new gods'' if you go to the sencuary at the village of smiles you will see the 3 ''new gods'' they wear similar cloths as the forgotten gang.
its mentioned in almost every posible place, like descreptions of trinity weapons, or scarecrow concersations... even dicriptions of bosses hint it..
Hey, thanks for stating the obvious. Cheers.
the mankini warrior of the satan lands??
looks like someones trolling the wiki....
why do you people have to do this childish bull*****?
it was mee imda troll ***** face. fight m8 irl