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That desecrating stuff doesnt work for me actually, i tried using a stained paige in a sanctuary owned by the three, but nothing happened. And upon using a crystal sphere it turns into my creed (in this case stone roots) without a fight. Is that supposed to work this way?
There's a bug when you change your item selection just after using the stained page (and you have to equip the stained page to R1 items, press R1 and wait until a countdown appears before changing your R1 item.
Also, for clarification the "Crystal Sphere" item converts a sanctuary peacefully. Only desecrating causes a violent response.
Wicth item do i use to create a new sanctuary on safe's zones?
You use the icon of your creed whenever you are in an empty sanctuary room
You need to have the item in a quick slot and use it as if you would use a creed item when first claiming a sanctuary.
Why dont I have the TAKE OATH option?



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have you sinned against the creed? If you betrayed it or left it for another, you will have to clear your sin at the candlelit lady before being able to join the creed again
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how to a re-take oath to a sanctuary
There is a NPC that absolve your "sin" witch is the result of quitting a Creed and /or changing to another o
ne.The fastest way to get to her is from the sanctuary "Village of smiles"
From there go right down the stairs,then left (there is a secret passage if you haveunlocked it)than go down the stairs ,than right until you arrive at a lever,pull it down then go down again trough the door and there she is a the end of the path
Can't find a drowned time... any suggestions?
There are only 2 Drowned Tome in the game
1-Drops from Unspeakable Deep
2-You find it in the Blackest Vault
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