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Do these monsters respawn or are they one-time only?
They respawn. You can farm one just left of the forest not-bonfire if you want a chance for early idol.
They respawn
They respawn when you rest at a sanctuary.
They do respawn, Trying to farm them for an amber idol right now.
not one idol drop in over 300 kills... (
only got one after like 50 kills :^(
Yes ,in 2017 not drop amber idol
November 29, 2017...Took me 50 or so tries but I got an Amber Idol.
If you want the Idol drop, you need to kill it consecutively without you dying. It still takes forever (Took me more than 50 times). If you want the fastest way I found early game was to get the watching woods sanctuary, it has onw just outside the door. Just kill it, rest, kill it again. I got My idol!
I'm just trying to get 3 ears to raise my devotion and get some high level spells. Ive killed well over 50 and still got nothing but red shard. I even have a krismet stone ring on and still nothing but red shard
Got the idol my 93rd kill. I wish you good hunting, fellow saltborn.