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I'm playing a Magic build and I wanted to transmute my Arming Sword into Tachi, and I made it over to Class 2 Swordfighter, but it won't let me purchase it even though I have 2 Black Pearls. Do you need Class 1 before being able to get Class 2?
Yes you must get them in order.
Yes. Class levels can't be skipped .


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I have a character without class 3 swordfighter via gray pearl, but am able to use class 1, 2, 4 and 5 still. Is this possibly a glitch?
1 before 2,indeed,seriously
I went ahead and tried putting a point in Class 1. You do need to have the previous Class 1 before getting Class 2. I can only assume its the same for all Class skills.
I want to add to this by saying you can't use a Gray Pearl on a lower level along the chain of class skills. Say you don't want to have the Level 1 Swordfighter, but you are up to Level 3 Swordfighter. You can't get rid of Level 1 until you get rid of Level 3 and 2, pretty much nullifying your ability to use swords.
Is there a limit to how many points you can put into a single skill? ive been spreading out each skill and I noticed little dots on the skill bubbles and realized you could put more than a single point into the skills haha. I havent gone past 5 in a single skill but I just thought I would ask before I run into that wall.
Nvm I got, 5 seems to be cap
The gray pearl should work as a way to reset the whole skill tree.. Not just one skill. Considering the many ways to chose. Doing that as a patch would be great.
Having the gray pearl is nice, but it isn't really necessary. Max level is 500, but if you're, say, level 127 in New Game Plus, and you use a gray pearl, you'd need to reallocate all of your 127 points one by one. They're mostly just for "oops", I did a boo boo in my skills. That's why there's so few of them. In my play through, I only found something like 6 gray pearls.

Also, that would mean that people could simply adapt their skills on the fly if a boss is too hard instead of adapting their playstyle. It's a nice idea though. Just needs some refining and a few limitations/tweaks.
Random Anon here, edited and uploaded a skill tree that ISN'T already filled out some.
I had Kureimoa (or something like that) and transmuted it for nothern cross but now i dont have the magic skill lvl to weild fcked. How do i upgrade my magic skill lvl? Do i only throw pearls into magic or in class X staff and wands? What will make me go to class 1 magic to class 2 magic? (I started as a mage but never upgraded magic)
Magic is upgrated when acquiring the tomes and raising magic points. Staff and Wand work as catalyst for spells.

NOTE: Wand and Staff are similiar to bow and crossbow - Wand you can use in offhand and you have to chose one activity magic. Staff goes in main hand and you have 2 spells activity magic options
NOTE: incantations does not need Wand or Staff


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I've taken the image above and added coloured highlights of the different class starting skills as well as categories of weapons/spells.
Halfway I realized it would have been much better to rip the activated nodes from in-game, but until someone does it I'll post the picture.


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I can't create a link ON the image, only on the text below, if anyone knows it would be great, the wiki tutorial has no mention on how to do it.



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Thank you for the image! Looks great!
I fixed the image link - it's a bug on the editor that removes it, it's on the to-fix for next software deployment. Sorry for the headache
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Anyone noticed that the Skill tree has a lot of lore from different books, AND IT EVEN COMES WITH IT'S OWN BIBLE!
Wish that someone could collate it.

Here you are brother; The Drowned Tome.
I don't see it listed anywhere but thought it was worth noting: stat nodes can be upgraded 3x each. After playing a heavy character and resorting to the light armor path to get more endurance... I felt silly when figuring this out.
each stat node can upgrade 5 times, i know, i did it
Is it just me or do the skill-tree's branchs look like constellations ? The dex branch looks like a bow, the greathammer/greataxe's looks like a bull, the mage branch looks like a snail or maybe the upper part of a mage staff... didn't figure out the swordfighter/pikeman and cleric branchs.
I think the swordfighter/pikeman is a sword behind a shield (like: but with a round shield) and the cleric branch is a wizard's head + hat