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There was no build template to select when I made my build.
You can add more columns through a white tool bar that appears on your screen when you start editing. :}
Yep but it's not very comfortable,they can add a template with the required columns,so all the people have to do is add their text and resize the columns.
Is it me or heavy armor set are kind of useless.... You have to invest a hell lot of point into endurance to be viable and even then, it is still much more easy to have a fast roll because otherwise, you'll have to rely on so many different equipments for their respective resistances.
its "Heavy Armor" due to the high defense so it would make sense to have a lot of endurance to use it and sacrificing your dodge for a tankish build
Heavy Armor in General is better, it usually gives all around higher defenses for the weight. Ithink your complaint is getting the lvl 2 armor skill but not having enough End to wear lvl 2 armor set. If you unlocked that skill asap youre probably really early in game and even tho you cant wear a whole lvl 2 set, the skill still gives endurance so now you can wear a whole lvl 1 set. And since heavy armor is so good you dont need to always have the highest lvl armor your skills say you can wear. On contrast light armor is generally weaker, with especially low physical def, with sometimes really high specialized def like maybe arcane or fire, a benefit is you dont have to worry about endurance. Last. You should never wear so much you do a fat slow roll regardless of your armor type. Defense wont save you if you get hit by everything.
Joke Builds Okay? I kinda wanted to see what other people have used but the template is full and some of the filled spaces dont seem very serious.
When editing the chart you can add more columns to write down your build on! I also just put in my build I start with every time and it's serious. :}
i am lv 56 stiil cant kill tree of men even wit lv 51 team mate IT IS DUBM
what r u, casul?
Just beat him on ng+, I was level 74, Dexter build. You need to get Get gud.
Have you tried to git gud? All you need to do is kill the humies hanging on him, and dodge the fire throwers, his feet when he stomps, his fire lazers and his punches. After you've killed the humies you attack his head. Do it while he recovers from the punches. You want to try to trick him into punching one of the platforms while getting on the one on top of the one he punched. Goodluck & have fun
bro, just put your points into endurance and get a good shield like the raider's targe and you can eat all of his stage 2 attacks, with stage one just kill all the glowing bodies on him and after that it's a piece of cake, you can just eat all of his attacks with the raiders targe if you have high enough endurance
Just defeated him yesterday alone with greatswords w/prayers build. you just need to get good
depend on your build i did it with pauper equipement and level 35-40, just be calm and don't rush its a fight were you have to be carefull, dodge and block and ghit when you can their should be no problem
Played a ton as dagger/light armor build in which i came almost nowhere.
Tried a "naked" run and spammed into STR with great hammers. enjoyed the run alot, NG+ is quite hard now tho...
Rouge build

Upgrade the full theif set imbue dagger. Moves quickly. You can get away with alot of combos that a knight simply cant
First, make a mage character, picking an amber idol as your starting item. Fight the unspeakable deep (You don't have to win, but it'd be a lot easier). Then, proceed through the game normally, leveling up enough to get class 2 magic and class 2 swordsman. Now, after beating the sodden knight, go and get the kureimoa in the Village of smiles. After that, kill the queen of smiles and go to the alchemist in the forest. transmute your Shrouded bulwark or kureimoa into the black widow. Two hand it on one of the load outs, then on the other have a small but fast weapon and a wand or staff. Pick up as many spells as possible and wear no armor until you have enough willpower to wear a decent set while still maintaining your fast role. I can't garintee that it'll be the most amazing build that will kill everything in it's path, but it will be good for beginners.
My mage build is stupidly powerful, just four-shotted Carsejaw the Cruel. Basically it's a staff user that dumps nearly all its points into magic, and after it's done that it upgrades light armour. What you want in terms of magic and incantations are Dark Tendrils and Dark Reach. Dark Tendrils is amazing as a means for clearing basic enemies, while Dark Reach has absurd damage and good range, making it perfect for tough enemies and bosses. Keep in mind all blood spells drastically lower your defense for a moment after you use them, to the point where a lightly armoured level 60 gets two-shotted by the Impaled Knights in the Pitchwoods.
The best part of that it that Dark Reach one-shots Spindlebeasts, AKA the Unicorns of Ungodly Death and Destruction that live in the Pitchwoods :D
This is a cleriic build centered around the purifier and prayers. First start with the cleric class and stick to devera's light creed for the prayers. When starting use the mace and have a few blessed pages on hand for the couple of bosses. Make sure to get the mossy charm as soon as possible and ensure that it is upgraded to at least +2 until you obtain the haymaker. For this scythe upgrade it as high as possible since your build will center around the purifier. Make sure that you have different buffs kinds of buffs for maximum effect for each boss and to equip the impen's charm as well. Now the important stuff is the stats. Make sure to reach cleric class 4 before the castle of storms and reach reaper class 3 before the dome of the forgotten. From here you simply invest in two main things wisdom and willpower, along with some energy potions. By the end of the game you should have approximately 40 wisdom and 24 ish willpower depending if you did not invest for any higher class armors. For the creed what you decide is optional for items though the page of light is useful buff to invest in as well as the orange phial. The rings are optional however my default is the ring that decreases focus impact on stamina, bandage ring, the rolling speed ring, and the bloodluster ring. Though the rings you choose to use is optional. In this build since my fashion was limited and changed depending on the boss my default was the warrior pilgrim set with no helm. The prayers you use are optional as well. Note results may vary. I hope you enjoy this build.
The Miracle Reaper
This is a Cleric Reaper based build, mostly used for CO-OP. First start with the Knight and go to the Stone Acorns (Forgot their real name, It's just a nickname I had for them) Use the Haymaker throughout the game, until you get the Saltreaver, or the Gravedigger. Then go for Class 5 Prayer, and get Revive and Spirited Mend. Then scale in mostly strength, then you are set, simple but fun. Use heavy cloak-like armor.
why not purifier? that way your wisdom makes you deal more damage.