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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

This list is incomplete - just as merchants, clerics and mages sell more stuff the more devoted you are to the Creed. And these items and spells are unique to each Creed. I've seen some uber spells in The Order of the Betrayer at rank 7.
Very true its a beast creed I love it
Ok, so have been making a hybrid strength/mage. I have a bunch of incantations, but I can't figure out how to use them for the life of me. I have the appropriate magic levels, but it seems like it will only allow me to equip spells, but no incantations.
Ugh, I just figured it out. I forgot about the row of things underneath the item belt row. I had no reason to put prayers there, so of course I didn't think about using it for incantations. I'm such a dummy. Perhaps that should be in the description for incantations.
So, the House of Splendor does not sell it. I see it's listed here, but when you go to the page about each of those creeds, it does not say the mage sells the Dragonfire spell.
Yes I can confirm lvl 7 devotion for dragonfire
Hmmm, now that I think about it, I'm not level 7 Devotion with the Order of Splendor. Perhaps that is the issue. Guess I'm grinding for Heartseeker Nerves again, ugh. I'll update this comment if I am able to obtain it.
There is only 1 slot for spell and it seems you must only use whatever equipped. Sure you can go to menu and change it before boss fight but is there a way to switch spell during the fight without having to go to menu?
Encantations are equipped in the slots under the item shortcuts and are cast like using items.
wands get 1 spell slot and staffs get 2.
What about encantations u get a bunch of them
There are more than this right? I feel like there should be
I have yet to find a level 5 spell and don't see any listed here... Anyone find a level 5 spell. The most o have found is level 4 dragonfire which requires level 7 devotion.
There is no level 5 spells. There is no level 5 skill in the skill tree either.
I felt they should of had yellow lighting or exleast yellow for prayers it has a more holy feel to it then blue
If the quick menu slot system have four or more items, images are not being displayed correctly. On my cleric build, it only shows one prayer, yet the healing flask icon would double as the next prayer. It surely is confusing during boss battle and lead to unecessary death.
Never mind. Even though it appears that there are six slots for equipping items and six slots for spells or prayers, there is actually just six slots total. So, if you have healing item in slot one, you want to equip spell or prayer on 2nd slot in the spell row. Never overlap items and spells on the same column between the two rows.
Uhm.. No. Ignore the poster below. There are *twelve* slots, you scroll through them sequentially. After you pass the sixth item slot (going right) it continues on to the prayers/incantations, starting from the left.

If you put your restoratives on the left, and healing prayers on the right, they'll be right next to each other for easy access. The same is applicable to bless weapon/arcane/poison weapon and items that give similar effects (blessed/stained page, pessmud, etc).
Can I get Magic Spells 3 and to use Level 3 spells, but not get Magic Spells 1 and 2 and not use those spells. I'm basically asking, are the perquisites for spell casting through the feats tree.
No, you have to get the spell and weapon unlocks sequentially. You have to unlock 1 first, and then make your way through the skill tree to the others.