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What does that mean? Does it do more damage than normal with that attack?
I believe it's simply referring to how your equipped charm normally appears at the bottom of the hilt of a polearm, when on the Kumo Sasumata it appears in between the blades.

I could be wrong, though. "Charm move (hack)" barely tells us crap.
I've read that charm move on other weapons means that it attracts them more to you when you attack in multiplayer, probably most useful for keeping the attention of a boss.
Yeah I have no idea but would like to know as well. +1


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This is a pretty rough Poleaxe because of its Slow Hitter. Not even Mossy Charm helps much of any bit. Its focus on Strength scaling gives a clue onto what build you'd use it for; a Heavy Armor/High Endurance build. Its weight is surpassed in its category only by the Class 5 Poleaxe, so you definitely need Endurance. The Slow Hitter NECESSITATES Balance to counter enemy attacks. It's still a rough weapon to use, but it'll only shine with a High-Balance build.