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NG+7 (8th playthrough) is the cap?
If its like dark souls (and it probably is) that's the point at which new NG's difficulty plateau's i.e. soft cap on difficulty. like when you reach 50 in a stat.


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There is no changes in the game though right? Just better upgrade material drops from enemies?
The upgrade material drops ARE more frequent, so is amount of gold and salt dropped.
No changes, just scaled up to a higher level. I didn't see any evidence to support better upgrade material drops.
Gold drops are not improved, and material drop increases are likely only due to higher willpower of the player, which is affecting the drop rates.
make sure to do the 6 work orders from your chosen faction from the leader stone. They reset in NG+ so if you don't do them on each playthrough you miss out on potions and other things.


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"as enemies increase in difficulty, and hide new treasures for players to continue developing their characters" Nope...
I can't advance from the Tree of Man level. I have a Scythe-Pistol build *I leveled up several weapons to the max) and everything just 2 shots me. Is there any way to up the HP number? Also the wounding effect destroys you on ng+.

Any tips?
that your problem, you maxed many weapons without any bulid or plan. I went for clean stregh, endurance willpower bulid, with greatsword, shield and heavy armor. Once I maxed each of those braches I maxed started maxing every ability slot in them (You know you can max each ability nod up to +5 right? they dont say it anywhere on the wiki, I think) and went to NG+ around 100 lv with lv 7 golem armor and . The only bose that aactualy killed me was Srouded Knight, but it was more might fault for not looking at health bar.
try to get prayer level 1 and take sacred linen its a level 1 prayer that remove a lot of wounding.
Also to all newcomers that find the enemies hitting too hard, may be obvious but, remember to upgrade all pieces of armor as well as shield(if thats the case) makes a huge difference, doesnt even need everyting at max, if you can get each to IV or V should be pretty fine if you die a lot
The way I played that made the entire game easy for me near end game was to get prayers, and upgrade heavy armor till you reach rank 3, then upgrade great hammers, or your preferred weapon to rank 4, then use the blacksmith to reinforce your armor...I wore the white knight armor, but without the helmet. I also increased endurance enough so I could roll normally, and finally I used the obsidian Pillar hammer with the Silversalt charm. For your build however I'd recommend that you drop the pistol for tree of men and get a Phoenix Rondache. That's the best shield you can probably get for that boss, it's found in the Castle of Storms. Tree of men completely destroys certain builds, but is pathetic against others. I dare say the Tree of Men is the easiest boss I've ever had the pleasure of fighting.
Is it any creed that you are in Specifically?
NG+ kills all the fun, there is nothing new in the game and everything 2 shots you for no particular reason. And that's wearing Class 5 Heavy armor. I've gotten to Disemboweled Husk and one bullet from the rain attack almost kills you, with Divine Armor on. Amping the difficulty is one thing, turning enemies into one finger death punch HP sponges is another, with no real reward to top it off.
So you played through the entire game without learning how to roll? m8


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What level are you? when i started NG+ i was level 100. For me it takes atleast 10 hits for small monsters to kill me. Only thing that is OP in my opinion is those pesky emberskulls, They are way to strong, only way for me to kill them is to use searing light over and over again while divine armor is casted on me.
Just put a good shield and hold the defense button before the bullets fall, then get close to him and attack.

To emberskulls is better to jump when they get close and then attack with a small weapon (axe in my case).
Listen I know that the first play through was rough(It took two days to beat for the very first time, no shield) but making the game almost impossible is not cool, so If you want a simple second journey go here"". listen this is only for those who have reached NG+, If done before then you must really suck at games. note: I'm 14 years old and it was a very salty journey there was so much rage all I used to win was a Shrouded Bulwark with a flame charm. I also have anger issues. so in all what i'm trying to say is cheat if you've earned it by getting to NG+, if you not there dot't give up you can make it, I(Spike: first character) believes in you. so be a winner and when online multi-player comes I will fight alongside you fine warriors, ok. I will be around for those who need info and help with the game.
P.S. Nameless god is weak to my items(Shrouded Bulwark VI and flame charm). so theres some helpful advice guys and gals see you nets time, Need anything contact"Kevon johnson" is not my real name, well "Kevon" is my first name.) till next time.
Playing a "punches only" playthrough. Almost NG+. No reason to cheat.
"I know this game is hard, but new game plus makes it even harder so that's total justification for cheating" yeah...naw... git gud scrub.
Casual :v
Here's how to make the game not hard...parry, master dodging, use your brands while in combat, get a controller if you're on PC so ranged weapons aren't completely useless, and finally...git gud scrub
This is obvious bait, and yall falling for it
NG+ kills all the fun? maybe NG7+ :'D actually i ran through the normal game in light armor with a staff in hands as a caster.... as i got to NG+ i simply realised light armor is not the way to go anymore and kept farming up till i was able to run around in tainted armor. no i am working on some physical dmg but holy crap my caster 3shots kryptkeepers and nothing is able to kill me. just hammered murdiella mal away without using 1 potion so pls dont cry. if u are not able to beat NG+ ur simply doing it wrong.
You can do NG+ naked. people just need to git gud at dodging.
agreed, strength build can run naked basically to midpoint. well blacksmith gloves and vest, corsairs helm. ng+ could stun Nameless God with my scepter and it would stop the projectile attack while it was charging up if I was quick enough, or diminish it to two or three shards. people need to make sure they can quick role, or at least mid-roll. dodging is way more important then armor. until I realized that I couldn't even get the village of smiles on first play, now I'm farming a little before starting ng+1 . do have light armor now, but mainly for magic resistance, still quick rolling a scarfrichter, and midrolling my trinity scepter. want to spec towards guns so I can move to a dmc feel. feel like a little range can be helpful with some of the more annoying enemies. Would love to get quick rolling with Overlords set (less the greaves, blacksmith gloves the whole way), so yeah several more runs through planned...