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I started to level up my first creed, but blindly discovered the Absolutionist. I chose to remove sin, and joined a different creed. Once I realized I wanted to level up the original creed I switched back to it, but I am not sure if my creed level reset to 1, or did it remain saved for my character. Did I miss out on the max level 7 for this, as I am only lvl 3 right now with 3 or 4 more enemy drops to look for?
Changing your creed resets the progress you've made. However, there should be enough pieces to get your devotion back up. So if you ever pick the wrong item in your devotion upgrade, change creeds, forgive your sins, then go back to pick the right one.
How do you go back to a creed you abandoned? I accidently joined one and lost all my stamina potions i worked so hard for and now they wont talk to me. I really needed them too!
You need to get your sins forgiven, you apostate. There is a beautiful enchantress sort of.. between and under watching forest and village of smiles. Secret entrance can be found in the dark room with the poison gurgling troll..
Leaving a creed will make you sinned. You have to talk to the Candlelit Lady at The Watching Woods to remove your sins. Each sin cost 1000 salt.
So, if you abandon a Creed and start going to another one, do you still get the advantages (ie increased potions and phials) when you visit that sanctuary to refill your heath and reset your items? Or do you forego them completely for switching creeds unless you change back?

If the latter is true, it's a bit annoying that you only find some creeds later in the game, like the Keepers of Fire and Sky. But I guess that is part of the game. I would probably just need to travel around and level them just get the spells and prayers from the sellers. But I guess I would have to do that for every creed then, which will just make the game last longer.
switching creeds takes away the items you get for ranking up, its stupid to keep them they are a bonus for choosing that creed.

apparently switching creeds also removes those bonus items if you switch back so you would need to get them again.
Well, another way to look at it is that you have devoted yourself to a creed. You are a member. A part of the crew. When you then change to another creed it is like saying "***** you guys, my new friends are cooler" and then you walk away, so of course they won't let you take cold beer from their cooler, and snacks from their bowls anymore after that. I usually just rely on the level-up potions, and stay in the same creed from the beginning, until I figure out what creed I want to join later.
What religion would name itself, "Order of the Betrayer"? Wouldn't they rather spin the allegation?
From their dialogue, they appear to be, well, a little less than sane. The Betrayer is a nickname given to the Deity of this Creed, whoso happens to be the brother of Devara. If she gave him that name, it'd make sense that he would keep it out of spite/vengeance.


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I was just inquiring as to if anyone has the time to test the individual health and fatigue items for all the different creeds to compare their effectiveness. Keepers of F&S's healing potion is weaker than Water of blessing, for instance, so I was wondering what other differences do the potions have between creeds. Such information would be particularly interesting for specific builds.
Does anyone know how creeds and "work" works? I only have two leaders and they both sell the same thing for the same items. Leaving me with a bunch of random items i cant use/have no idea what to do with. Cant find anything on the interwebs so it doesnt seem like theres much knowledge out there about them...



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All of your NPCs are tied to the creed you are on, so you can only buy the items that are from your creed on each merchant of your creed. The Stone Leader is there just so you can turn in items to rank up your creed more
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When you complete the tasks set out by the leader, you are rewarded certain benefits relating to your creed.

In Devara's case, you choose between a set of potions. The chosen potion will be added to your inventory whenever you rest at a Sanctuary your creed controls.
You can use the item for upgrade or transmute your weapon.
It should be changed that you can indeed level up and use the tree of skill at other creeds. At least I could on PC when I made it to the "The Three" sanctuary down in Village of Smiles while I was in Devara's Light.
As far as I'm aware you can
Dark souls original idea of leaving a covenant will half your offerings if rejoin, is quite acceptable. This creed sin mechanic is just too troublesome n annoying, together with the inflexible skill tree mechanic (as in dark souls we can chose which stats to upgrade but those skill tree forces you to have some stats which you don't desire hence waste the pearl.
oh, i didnt realize this game was dark souls.
I thought I'd put this at the end of my respinse but not knowing my intentions might discourage you from reading. I am not bashing you or pointing out anything wrong in your opinion.
You can work around that, the "inflexible skill tree mechanic". I had a dexterity build, but I had to choose some strength perks if I wanted to gain Shields 4. I picked the perks and when I eventually had a perk after the strength perk, I returned it with a Gray Pearl. My skill tree ended up full of holes, but it was as efficient as it could get. Gray Pearls aren't meant for a complete tree overhaul, obviously, because of their rare appearance, so what other purpose do they have?
As for sin, I don't get how collecting a mere 1000 salt, warping to the Village of Smiles sanctuary using a guide from your new creed or a Calling Horn and hopping over to the Candlelit Lady to forgive your sins.
does this stuff always have to be so complicated and intransparent?!
Intransperent is how old words are lost and new words are made.
(Languages evolve)
grammar nazi protip: just say 'opaque' instead of putting a goofy prefix on 'transparent'
Devs care about money.Not the customer.Customer's will still buy even with flaw's like this
to keep you in suspense
It is complicated and VAGUE because the game was written for people who enjoy complicated and vague challenges. It also injects replayability as well as promote social networking. Knock, knock; Neo...