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Why are there 103 enemies listed here, but only 98 in the Bestiary?



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Some variations may not be marked, or the bosses counted separately. Alternatively, since we got the info directly from the developers, there may be some cut content.
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The sanctuary Guardians aren't listed in the Beastiary but are here.
It is called a Bestiary, not a Beastiary.
Anyone knows number of killing mobs before dispawn?
No such thing in this game.
What if you guys keep the same order as the in-game bestiary? Would be more useful.
To be fair, names are easier to remember than numbers. Would you rather go through a list using the alphabetical order (26 letters) or remember each and every enemy's ID (98 IDs) ?
if you're looking for a enemy you're missing in beastary you're looking for the id Not the name
You can actually miss the Marauder entry permanently if you jump/roll past all of them in the prologue, since the sequence doesn't repeat in NG+.
I was attempting a "No Death" run from NG to NG+7. At some point (mid-way through NG+2), the enemies' behavior changed drastically. They became much more aggressive and reacted immediately to my presence and accordingly to what I was doing. It's almost like the AI went crazy or something and was trying its best to kill me. Even enemies which aren't a threat were giving their all. I don't think it was RNG because it was very consistent. And it wasn't me because I've been playing this game for an entire year. Could it be... that if you don't die enough or at all, the AI's aggressiveness is improved ? If it is true, then the devs are *****ing awesome (they technically already are) because that***** was INTENSE !
I don't know exactly what the "Flags" stand for, most likely a way to differentiate enemies with the same AI. But there are only 2 enemies that have something else other than "None", Impaled Knight and The Architect. Feels odd... Maybe it's just another incomplete section of the wiki. Not that big of a deal in this case but still.



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