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Anyone know what bestiary #70 is? I'm always missing it.
stained page a sanctuary of not your creed


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Hi. That´s the "Sanctuary Guardian" which appears, when you desecrate a sanctuary of another creed.


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Yeah I'm missing 70 too, and 96, without the numbers here it's very hard to find it
96 is white knight, the dude near bad of earth around far beach.
Use a stained page and desecrate a sanctuary not of your creed. Then kill the monsters that spawn. #70 is Sanctuary Guard
Edit: i think you have to either desecrate all of them or join the betrayer creed and then do it. Should give you #70 then
WTF is the "AI" field about?? "Shroud"? "Bull"?


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That is about behaviour. Each of these AI types has a set of rules a monster abides by. "Hawk" has an ability "fly" that lets it move around above the ground, not fall when it goes over a cliff. "Bull" will have an ability to charge, ram into things without getting hurt. Another has the ability to move through walls. A "Bull" or "Hawk" should normally not be able to. A "Skull" or "Shroud" can.


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Thing of Arms I can handle.
Mother Merle .... I always need a lot of room to dodge or I am toast. She keep sucking me and I can only keep up healing when it happens. Advice? :-D

yup, im in NG+ and they still give me a hard time, but i have that triangle sword that has fast hitter so im good
swing like a murder . USE mossy charm if had ;2
step 1 get a greatsword step 2 swing it like a madman
nameless god
It would be helpful if the in-game bestiary would tell what area's each monster's dwell in as you kill/unlock them of course.

If you wanted to farm a certain monster for a certain drop you could just look in the bestiary and refresh your memory on what area's they are found in.
Just click the link to that enemy. It'll tell you where.
what do the block damage, block magic and block mean in the enemy page?