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By Anonymous
Tough battle, found this way tougher than the Skourzh. Helped me as well to first beat the Judge. Was Level 80 when I beat them.

And another boss where light armour helps (below 40), but I would suggest taking all defense rings.
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By Prios
For when attacking and dethroning one god just isn't enough.
By Anonymous
Not sure why this page for The Forgotten Judge shows up blank for me whereas the other 2 have info on them... But my strategy was kill the 2 melee ones first as they're weaker. Then focus ont he judge. Much easier to dodge magic without 2 enemies leaping at you. Apparently the judge is weak to arcane. If you have dark swarm (class 3 spell) it absolutely demolishes him. Hopefully this helps someone
By Anonymous
Bro it wont show up for me either. maybe got deleted. ty for the info :)