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By Zutfoo
Is there a sanctuary/shrine after you do the horrible platforming just to run back to this boss? I've died 3 times as much on the run back as the actual boss fight. I feel like if there's no way to shorten the run back to re-attempt this boss, it's false difficulty. Only thing I can think of that comes close to this is the run back to Ancient Dragon in DS 2
By Anonymous
Just use a bell once you get the Shimmering Pearl after the boss, it'll take you back to the last sanctuary you used saving a lot of time and exasperation.
By Blandy
nope have to do the run
By Blighttown_Beacon
The Run up to these guys is difficult since the entrance is someone hidden. When you start the drop down platforming segments don't pay attention to the candles but rather the background lights (candle shrine things in the background). Those guide you to the next platform.
By Anonymous
#15850810 it meant to be so low? I first fought them around L45 with light armor and both the Knight and King could only do maybe 10% of my HP with their strongest hits unblocked. Even the Judge's full cast only did about 50%. It just seems strange such a late boss is so fragile but ALSO does such low damage.
By Anonymous
The idea is they don't have strong damage alone but with the three all attacking it's hard to avoid taking damage.
By Anonymous
Well, I think they mean it for lore perspective. The forgotten King/Knight/Judge are essentially The Three, and the power they should get was stripped away by nameless king. That is why they are left alone in the lone corner of the crypt. Their item descrption also emphasize that idea.Beside, it's a three boss fight, make them all damage well will make this fight extremely cheap consider how annoying judge is.
By Anonymous
Wait until you reach NG+7.
By Anonymous
My platforming skills are a bit rusty. I couldn't even make it to the Sanctuary of Sky and Fire. Ugh. It's like you need to be a Mario expert to make it to the Forgotten King.
By Anonymous
Pay attention to the candles, the ones in the background. If they are to the left of the drop, the next platform will be on the left. There is only one drop that doesn't follow that rule, I can't remeber which though. It was much later on in the fall.
By Anonymous
I sorta just did a leap of faith and barely survived a huge fall after healing I jumped again by then I reached the bottem
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Watch for the spider-webs ! Not the candles.
By Anonymous
I changed the Location from Crypt of Gods to Crypt of Dead Gods for more accuracy
By Anonymous
I messed up somewhere , the gate on the left side of the Crypt of Dead Gods's sanctuary is still closed for me and I have no clue how to get to that lever on the other side ... Does anybody know of a way to get there ?
By Anonymous
Hmm I'm afraid I can't give a good walk throught for that It's not 100% necessary just helpful
By Anonymous
The Forgotten knight has a jumping attack, but through vigorous testing, I've found that there is no actual hitbox on that attack. I'm going to assume that currently, it is a bug. I would like confirmation from anyone else who can reproduce the bug.
By Anonymous
I just tested that, it's true. I'm gonna upload the proof on youtube soon.
By Anonymous
The hitbox is at the tip of the sword when it smashes the ground... Very small. Reminds me of the crescent axe in DS II...
By Anonymous
the ideal way to deal with this fight is to take out the judge as soon as possible sword +stained page kills him quicklyafter that its to deal with both the king and knight by waiting until they do there leap attack where they are vulnerable to 2-3 hits earthshatter + pitchfire dispatches them quickly
By Anonymous
i meant to say bonecrusher not earthshatter(earthsplitter)
By Anonymous
Still perfectly beatable and no real threat, but it makes for a fairly draining experience since for me it involves a good ten to fifteen minutes or so of turtling up behind Umbral Aegis and chipping away at the Judge in the rare moments she's both in range and the other two will let me breathe for two seconds.