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Avoid getting charged by one, instant death if you get hit. I try to avoid this thing as much as I can.
Absolutely *****ing horrendous
Seems a very poorly designed enemy(from my experiences). It's charge attack is a one-shot that it can spam in fairly quick succession. Not really sure how to handle them. One-on-one might be okay but 3 in the same spot is far too much. A bow or any range may help but melee does not seem viable.
Throw a potato at one then
The developers have balanced this thing with their *** as long it one shot you in any case with a charge.
Absolutely horrendous
The Spindlebeast is, by far, the most unbalanced monster in the entire game that I've encountered so far. Ranged characters and Mages have no issue dealing with them, but Melee characters? Good *****ing luck.

Shields don't work.
Dodging them in order to get a clean, safe hit is a crapshoot with how fast they react.
High HP characters (I was around 190) will barely survive one sucking from these things, with the wounding being so heavy that you can't even heal enough to survive a second one.

Please balance, Ska... PLEASE...
Also, their HP is like 100 or something, they die in one shot with a 2 handed :)
Easy with melee, kill em one by one by throwing a potato :)
And these things are why I use bows alongside my sword with my Melee character
I dodged them on the way to the boss, but now i cant get out of that area anymore cause i cant go the way aboven them back.. stuck at the same spot for more than 1 hour, tried everything to kill them. NO *****ING WAY.. I think i have to restart my game, they will always kill me so i player 15hours for nothing
nevermind, i did it.. just had to equip that 1 fire spell and grenades and bow and arrow and do 12 damage per hit for 5 min from the highground.. most ridicolous enemy of the game
no one gives a*****



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But they have very little HP I decently upgraded greatsword/axe/hammer could easily one shot them, might take a second hit on NG+ though
...they drop 100 salt per kill. Seems like a huge troll from the developers, considering I lost 50k salt to them.