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How do one Dual wields? or this mean 2 handing the dagger? cos there seem to be no way ot putting an additional dagger into your off hand (shield slot)
I think they mean 2 handing it.
U can grab only 1 dagger and use he in 1 or 2 hands. 2 hand need for other weapon,press tab to swap weapons in ur hands,on gamepade LB.
Sadly you can't have 2 daggers at the same time but it would be cool if it was available
Class 4 dagger level 5 with defilement on the fake Nito boss, only need 2 combo and he is dead.
tfw there is no fast hitter dagger
Aren't all daggers fast enough anyway?
Well, my anecdotal experience says Kaltic Razor hits faster than Opal Tusk.
THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is how you use daggers :

(I'm not the uploader, just a sub)
Holy crap!
The multiplier on the dagger strong attack will increase the more you invest in dexterity (same for the kick). For instance, you'll do twice as much damage as a light attack at 10 Dex, while at 50 Dex you'll do 4 times the damage of a light. Past 50, it will still increase but in a less drastic manner (probably to balance things out). Still significant enough for the extra points to be worth it.

So if you are running a dagger build, keep in mind that even the smallest increase in damage is impactful. Don't hesitate to dump your black pearls in Dexterity (and eventually, the Midshipman's Dirk will be your most damaging dagger).

On a side note, the 2nd light attack can be followed up by a sped up strong attack (the "spin into thrust" attack). But it's not a true combo, unless you're using the Mossy charm. So you can mix things up, instead of spamming your light attack button. For example : Lightx4 > Light* + Strong.

*After a 4-hit combo, another light attack input comes out as the 2nd light instead of the 1st and the strong attack follow-up is faster.
I was wrong about the Midshipman's Dirk. At 285 (max) Dexterity, the Cutpurse Shiv deals the highest physical damage (59.2).
The Lightx3 + Heavy mid-air combo doesn't do as much damage as the Lightx4 mid-air combo but it hits multiple* times quickly. It is a pretty good tool to trigger Poison damage, especially on flying bosses. I can't say if it's also a good way to stack poison. Honestly, it's difficult to test.

*The greater the height, the more you spin. But try not to kill yourself.
The statement at the top of the page about Balance affecting the moveset should be removed.
In case you're wondering if it is worth going past the 50 soft-cap in Dexterity for daggers, here is the data about the non-modified Dexterity-based attack power at 285 Dexterity (max) :

# Midshipman's Dirk VII : 58.5 (+16.2 = the increase in damage from 50 to 285)

# Cutpurse Shiv VII : 59.2 (+15.6)

# Kaltic Razor VII : 49.4 (+11.6)

# Pessklaw VII : 29.6 Slash / 29.6 Poison (+7 Slash / +7 Poison)

# Eviscerator VII : 57.8 (+11.8) - still the best dagger if you use elemental buffs

# Opal Tusk VII : 29.6 Slash / Strike <=> 14.8 Slash / 14.8 Strike (+6.1 total)

On a side note, the damage multiplier for the strong attack (standing thrust and the kick) goes from 4 at 50 Dex to roughly 5.2 at 285 Dex.
The multiplier is also applied to the last hit of the Lightx4 mid-air combo. Forgot to mention it.
Square → Triangle = Slash followed by flip kick jump forward that launches weaker mobs in the air/interrupts some others. Can be followed by mid-air attacks of course.
This combo work only if the equipment load is under 50%