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By Anonymous
Is there ANY actual reason to choose this Creed over anything else?

It comes WAY too late, literally every spell it offers is attainable either as a pickup or in another Creed, the healing item sucks, and it's placed at the end of one of the worst platforming sections I've ever seen.

I would think Devara or the Order of the Betrayer are the superior choices for a mage, myself. Devara mostly because of the Creed items (2 of them restore Focus and Stamina, and one is bar none the best healing item in the whole game) and the Order just utterly stomps all opposition.
By Anonymous
Ngl, clarity is probably the only reason to choose this, over the Order of Betrayer
By Anonymous
It took me four and a half hours to get to him. The print of that moment is my image on the desktop.
By Anonymous
if ice magic wasnt scrapped, this Creed could be Keepers of Ice, Fire and Sky instead... as how it's reflected in
the ending line
By Anonymous
This creed, while really cool, comes way too late in the game. Especially when you compare it to House of Splendor and The Stone Roots.

Both of those respective creeds come early enough that you can benefit under them for most of the game. Meanwhile this one is so late you get to have a grand total of 3 zones with them before the game ends, and you will probably have all the rings and most of the spells beforehand.

Not to mention even the "hidden evil lategame" faction, Order of the Betrayer, can be obtained EARLIER than this one, has an entire exclusive set of spells and armor, and has arguably better buffs/debuffs.

I hope in Salt and Sacrifice the Creed equivalents are spaced out a lot better and more balanced. The system is really cool and an interesting take on Fromsoft's covenants, and should be improved rather than tossed aside.
By Anonymous
Agree. I only got this one for the achievement in the end, it's kind of...not very useful or fun when you barely have time to use it. Of course, maybe for a specific build it could be amazing but I hardly roll mage. Or pure mage at least. That said, I think perhaps it was added after the initial were already around, being the default and maybe some of the earlier? They could have added it last minute and perhaps too late, just because there was a lack of a dedicated mage creed.

Either way, I'm confident that it will be a system worked very well upon in Sacrifice. Glad this exists though, if anything for another reason to suffer a little in this zone.
By Anonymous
Well you got your wish. In Sacrifice the creeds are so spaced out they don't exist.
By Anonymous
It's actually possible to reach much earlier. From the progression fork where you can either go through the Red Hall or the Dome, complete the Dome and the upper Ziggurat and get Dart Brand, then go to the Far Beach sanctuary and take the ladder down to the upper part of the Pitchwoods (with all the Wrathful Dead.) This section lets out on the platform just to the right of the Spindlebeasts. This lets you get to the Keepers before Tree, Husk, Stench, Prince, and Coveted.

Bonus: Having the Dart Brand in the Tree of Men fight makes it actually fun, you don't have to touch the ground at all.
By Anonymous
This says, "joining The Three does change the ending". And also, prices and devotion reqs for spells/incantations aren't listed for some.
By Anonymous
I think it means the ending poem, which is unique to almost (if not every) creed you can join.
By Anonymous
The trick to the jumping is casting mid air slows your falling makes it easyer