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By Anonymous
Another example of awkward level design.Trom getting atuck onto the wall the bounce up to falling after reaching the door qith no way out other than to portal out and travel all the way back just to re attempt it. Im sorry this is where i give up. This game is poorly made and tries far too hard to be a souls game.Difficult for difficultys sake will not net you the same fanbase!Make your game and learn how to design levels with more structure and how to scale difficulty rather than assuming people want to mindlessly tredge through the same thing 40x over. Your game is a grindfest and feels more like you want us to play it "your way" rather than experience it for ourselves. Sorry james i respect what youve made with so little time and staff but this couldve been something great if it were better designed.
By Anonymous
I believe OP is saying, right when you enter the first door after the first set of vanishing floors, if you fall down you're stuck there until you portal out. Unfortunate. I think higher up the fall would kill you or something of the sort. No dice.
By Anonymous
How bout you try getting good at the game.The level design is great with well placed secrets good platforming and the boss fights are well paced and have clearly readable moves so if you have to try 40x to get through an area or beat a boss then your just no good at 2d platformers.I love these types of metroidvania games ive owned all the best of them and this game shot to the top of my list of great ones.Dont naysay the game cuz your bad at it.Instead try getting better at it so you can appreciate it.This isnt dark souls it isnt castlevania but it took some of the best parts of those and combined it.This is salt and sanctuary and I say its great.
By Anonymous
Shhhhhh can you hear it? That's the sound of..... GI...T.....G..U..D....
By Anonymous
I literally made it to the top and found the Fire and Sky creed in one try... I fell like 4 times trying to dart to the blue walls on the top, but actually getting to this creed, was not difficult.
By Anonymous
I got stuck down there too, but I realized that I could easily kill myself with elemental imbalance which by the way you don't even need to be a mage for. Just any spell you'de almost certainly have found by that point in the game would do it. You're simply not smart enough for this game, which is why you don't like it.
By Anonymous
Honestly the fact that most of gaming journalism is getting hard nipples over this proves they don't understand what made Souls so good in the first place. I kind of wish I would've waited for the Steam release so I could've maybe have gotten my money back. Love how people think the best way to pad any 2D game is asinine platforming. Oh well, Dark Souls 3 will be here soon enough and should be worth it provided Miyazaki didn't do any acid during development.
By Anonymous
I thought this was good platforming design. Hard but fair. They give you a chapel just before it! Took me about 6 goes to get it.
By Anonymous
***** all you like about how terrible you are at s&s, it doesn't matter James got your money in the end and the rest of us simply love this game. You lose James wins and I'm ok with that
By Anonymous
I'm generally pretty bad at the whole platforming thing. Tends to be a big stumbling block for me in most games that require a lot of it. A.R.E.S. for example, I get screwed over in some areas.But getting to this sanctuary... I pulled off in the first try. So it really can't be all that hard.
By Anonymous
LOL I must have spent 2 hours trying to find Keepers of Fire and Sky without the Dart Brand just doing upward sword swings for the big gaps intended for Darting. So much fun! BTW it can be done by the Spindlebeasts! The trick is casting Fireball in the air so you have time to land and slash your way to the end. Not getting to the Creed without Dart obviously.... but I just wanted to share my noobish hijinks. Its hard to climb. I got cursing :P But never felt the urge to verbally assault the game's creator for his ENTIRE game. Pitchwood and Tree of Men aside, this is a fantastic game and a wonderfyl homage to FROM.
By Anonymous
You sucking doesn't make the game bad.
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By Unbreakable_Patches
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How about no. I found this place without even knowing about it and had no trouble getting there.
By Anonymous
Both salt and sanctuary and darksouls are grindy pretty difficult and pretty grindy. Its how you level up in both games. Seems like I thought the whole point in both was that they made it difficult for difficulty's sake. And that if you fail its you failing. And that is the case here. Anyone who has difficulty with hard platforming would find getting it frustrating. The points to learn the pattern. when you fall its because you made a mistake in timing your jumps. Thats something the souls games lack. But what they do have equally frustring timing within some of their more complicated and harder to predict boss's. Which is why I like this more than souls.
By Anonymous
I've tried several times to dart to them but it is just too far away.
By Anonymous
You need to be naked to reach that - you'll jump much farther
By Anonymous
Back up to the Pitchwoods.
By Anonymous
That leads back to the path which leads to the pitched woods from the far shore. It's just a way to get back in case you get stuck up there (in case you never used a stone guide). You CAN get back down from the sanctuary from the way you came, but you have to be super lucky with the spawning platforms.
By Anonymous
I joined this for the Dragonfire spell at Devotion 7. Now people are saying you can get it from House of Splendor or Order of the Betrayer... But even if that's true this is still the best Creed for Mage Builds because of the Sky Crystals obtained here!
By Anonymous
I'd say this creed is also good for clerics and paladins because of Clarity.
By Anonymous
I've delivered all the remains to the leaders and have nothing left to do but my devotion is stuck at 3, when it should be 7. Please help!
By Anonymous
Finish your game, and the leader quests will restart, while maintaining your devotion
By Anonymous
Maybe try joining another creed, getting rid of your sin, and joining them again. That should reset the devotions. Unless there you have to get further into the game to unlock them or something I don't know about, they should all be there.
By Anonymous
You can join this creed during first half of the game. Normal route till Castle of Storm --> Dome of Forgotten --> Ziggurat to get dart brand --> use Sanctuary at Far Beach to get down to Pitch Wood.
By Anonymous
But you'd still have to do the Red Hall, Hager's Cavern and the Mire in order to get there.
By Anonymous
Nope, you don't have to do Red Hall, Hagers or Mire. After you get to the Red Hall sanctuary, head right to get to Dome. Beat Inquisitor, then Third Lamb, then use hardlight to leave the Dome through the bottom right bridge out to the beach. Enter Ziggurat and kill Dried King for the dart brand, then head right to the Far Beach. Go left from that sanctuary and then right down the ladder to enter Pitch Woods.
By Anonymous
I accidentally downvoted that. Didn't mean to. It's actually helpful!
By Anonymous
ziggurat sounds pretty late to me.
By Anonymous
No, you dont. You can actually go to Dome through sanctuary in red hall.
By tz3poo
i didn't find it that difficult to get to it... less than 30 mins.. and it was worth it
By Anonymous
Honestly dont understand why this creed is placed so late in the game and hidden behind such an unfair puzzle.

Dont get me wrong, its doable but i dont get why it was designed in such an unfair way. Its literally an endless series of trial and error.

Seems weird to penalize mage players by a. putting the creed this late in the game and b. hiding it behind this atrocity...
By Anonymous
It's also to make it seem like arcane, hidden knowledge that can't be easily reached by all. If you want the power, you have to put in the time.
By Anonymous
Also, not unfair in the slightest. It takes skill, sure, but it’s not like you’re jumping for 20 rooms with no breaks. It’s thee rooms with break in between each room. Not that hard at all with a bit of practice. Just spend your resources before trying it.
By Anonymous
Man, this kicks my ***. I respect the players that have an easy time with platforming challenges, but I am not among their ranks
By Anonymous
Red Eclipse needs 6-th devotion level and Stardust Spire - 7-th