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At max rank.

Merchant: Stained Page, Drowned Idol / Locket / Censer, Grim Armor Set (Class 3 Light)
Blacksmith: Sacrificial Garrote (Class 4 Whip), Gravedigger (Class 4 Reaper), Grim Armor Set
you dont need to be max rank for the whip, reaper and grim armor set, I most certainly didnt turn in any hearts and i have those items
How do I increase my rank?
Mage also has Dragonfire.
I crushed the page in a different creeds sanctuary and it didn't give me the writ. Am I doing something wrong?
you have to die.
Try resting at the sanctuary before attempting to desecrate it. Gaining the writ appears to be tied to you dying without a sanctuary to revive it and being dragged to the beach by the cleric.

(It's worth backing up your save if possible before going on a defilement spree so you don't completely lock yourself out of sanctuaries by accident)
Thats just a bug sometimes you have to Crush a few in a sanctuary when the prompt comes up cause the game thinks your just trying to buff you weapon instead of desecrating also remember you can't win that fight you are supposed to die
You have to crush the page and let
the dudes murder you
Create a loadout without a weapon active and it will allow you to crush the page. Then die.
Stand in front of the idol before you crush the page. Whenever I've tried it, it's never worked unless I had the prompt that would've let me rest.


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The mage sells the 3 "Dark" magics
Does saying yes to the npc make you join the creed or do you still have to take the oath in the sanctuary?



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It automatically joins it there.
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If you say YES you get a key and can enter -- if you answer NO, he replies 'So be it.', and further dialogue turns into '...'

Not worth it at all. You have to attack the holy places to join, and kill all your merchants and such. You're left without blacksmiths, merchants, leaders, guides, etc... and you also the ability to teleport to the sanctuaries even from the guide!
So do it before the very end of the game and go into new game+ with a fresh slate and only a handful of sanctuaries to murder.
You can always warp back to your old Sanctuaries before you use any healing items and then proceed to convert them with the Crystal Sphere. Of course, that's implying you have 5 or less sanctuaries. 6 if you started with one. Even so, that should be enough.
So, perhaps this is just me failing at the game, but I came to NG+ and joined the creed once I found them, and have begun trying to desecrate sanctuaries, and I've found it unfortunately impossible, fighting the enemies through the two waves you are required to fight to succesfully desecrate it is incredibly difficult, namely the horseman that comes with wave two, it's hard enough killing the mage while having to dodge/block his charges at the same time, then if and when I finally manage to kill the mage and knock him off his horse, he still seems to kill me in two shots if I'm lucky, if not one shotting me due to wounding suffered from poor play on the first stage or being unable to block through the second, this is even with the bandaged ring and the second best armor set I currently own. I've tried numerous times to do this but to no avail and now my character is essentially stranded with just the shivering shore and the blackest vault.
You can actually parry the horseman's charge to make him fall on the ground for a riposte, makes fighting him a cakewalk if you have good reflexes.
Just parry him.
We're lucky it's a horseman and not a spindlebeast.
I found that guardian sword (level 5 prayer) is useful for un-seating the horseman, and then parry and counter his attacks on the ground since he telegraph them
Note that parrying with tower shield (Iron Rampart) is not possible (or I'm doing it wrong?). I just dodge/run away and throw holy grenade things.
If you wish to keep your previous sanctuaries and NPCs, only desecrate a sanctuary that doesn't belong to you previous creed. I desecrated the one in Bandit's Pass, and could still use guides, merchants etc. in Mountainsmith sanctuaries, which was my creed before I joined Order of the Betrayer.