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By Anonymous
My man is soft and squishy, but damn, he's cool as ****
By Anonymous
This boss needs a buff, ngl. He's weak AF!
By Anonymous
your wish got granted
By Anonymous
I just 4-shotted him with The Coveted and the holy weapon prayer lmao
By Anonymous
Teuthis Shield is (among many things) disgustingly good against him because his poise damage is pretty pitiful and because of the 100/100 strike/slash resistance.
By Anonymous
Basically the Pinwheel of Salt And Sanctuary . Three-shot him with Goldwin and Pitchfire buff for Warhammer+6 and he goes down hard .
By Anonymous
am i the only person here who had way more trouble with this guy and the impaled knights than the spindlebeasts?

I only died to that trio once, same for the impaled knights, but it took 7 attempts to kill carsejaw since I kept on ****ing up my roll timing for his teleport attack and had just switched creeds so I didn't have devara's buffing items even though I decided to start using incantations.

Seriously tho, the keepers of fire and sky chose the dumbest ****ing area to set up camp in-a dozen jumps in a row that can all kill you if screwed up, no easy way down from there, they only show up after the main enemies who are weak to spells, and their devotion rewards are pretty **** against carsejaw.
By Aiden87
This guy is pretty disappointing for its lore. He leads a country despite his tyrant attitude but people still choose him, then he proceed to hunt witch, conspirators, anything that he sees as enemies (READ: Political Opponents) and then execute them in public using his massive swords. Well there are a lot of stuffs about him in the skill tree. The fact that im interested in his story when im reading through the skill tree out of bored, this guy died with Jaws of Death with fire buff in 8 hits. Truly a let down.
By Anonymous
Agreed, he resembled Vlad the Impaler from his lore and when I came to fight this big intimidating tyrant he kept getting staggered and died within seconds to a simple corsair's backsword IV. His health is way too low considering how late in the game you encounter him.
By Anonymous
fitting cuz he caught a fever and died in his bed
By Anonymous
People saying "yo is htis a hollow knight reference" meanwhile I looked at this boss and said "Oh **** it's literally just gravelord nito but easier, but he's also more active and almost a threat. Oh **** he literally has gravelord nito's attacks too-"
By Anonymous
Because the sword looks like a triangle, it's a resemblance to Hollow Knight? wuuut?

Do you people even search when did SnS and Hollow Knight came out?

The better resemblance it should be making here is Megaman Zero's weapon.
By Anonymous
If anything, it resembles Gravelord Nito's weapon from Dark Souls.