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By Anonymous
What with the sword, the shadowy cloak, and the skeleton looking armor he just seems to have a really strong resemblance.
By Anonymous
Cran and Skourze don't help either...
By Anonymous
Just go with it
By Anonymous
i know i mean, i know dark souls inspired these guys but this is a little much
By Anarchic
Just smile and nod, mate. Smile and nod.
By Anonymous
More than you'd expect, my great hammer was taking twice as much off as for other bosses...
By Anonymous
Yeah... I had a Bonecrusher VII + Holy page and I got him in literally 3 hits.
By Anonymous
Super easy boss...Hold up shield , my Pruina scutum stopped everything.
By Anonymous
So, basically its Puti n.
By Anonymous
More like Stalin
By Anonymous
2D Gravelord Nito ;)
By Anonymous
Gets melted with magic even quicker than expected. Couldn't even teleport.
By Anonymous
I find a bottle that says," Use fire" Me: Ok. I kill the boss in Five hits with Jaws of Death
By Anonymous
He should be in the "optional" category.
I didn't encounter him in my first playthrough.