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I started as a cleric thinking it would be like a cleric from dark souls with lightning bolts and the opportunity to wield dark power as well but after doing research I reliesed I couldn't do that and I should've been a Mage is I'm pretty far in the game and don't wanna restart is there any way to drastically switch classes
i'd say that heavily depends on your level...
through my first playthrough i found 9 silver pearls, and i probably missed quite a few.
so it really depends on how much you've invested already
nope grey pearls are rare but not all hope is lost. you still get a few awsome offense miracles.
Nope, you don't get enough gray pearls in a single play through to drastically alter your stats. In higher levels you actually get quite a few powerful offensive prayers... you actually get a summon that does nasty damage.
You can actually farm grey pearls near the very end of the game off of a couple mimicus. If you wall jump up from the final shrine you'll come to them on the way to a shortcut!
I finished the game with ~15 gray pearls. For me, it's enough... With 1 pearl you can gain up to 5 points from a single use.
Actually, the cost to respec a node is the same as the cost to buy it, so a class 5 node would take 5 grey pearls to respec.
one question.
i started the game as a knight who obviously wears heavy armor
i play with light armor and defeated the sixth boss. unfortunately i always pick up heavy armor.. what i pick up depends on the starting class doesnt it??? i got 0-4 class heavy armor in my inventory but only 0-1 class light armor
Nop, the drop from enemies or loot from chest(for example) doesn't depends on the starting class.
The drop is random and the loot is predefined.
They just give you a crap ton of heavy armor early looking at you leather and chain set
Since I recently beat the game I want to use each class that I haven't played and then give my opinion on which class are good or bad from worst to best.