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Who knew a god was easily crushed by a big rock on a stick, pretty much five hits with the bonecrusher and 40+ strength.
Give this vile god no name.
Can confirm, Dark Swarm spam will stunlock him to death. It won't do fantastic damage to him per cast because of his arcane resist though, so using the Crystalmoat and Burning Sky rings are crucial towards maintaining that non-stop spam.


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Thanks for this. He was eating my lunch before i read this. Doubly confirmed.
It's possible to get stuck in the wall where the door exiting the room is if he grabs you very close to it. He attempts to throw you across the room, but he's already in the corner, so he throws you int he wall, getting you stuck. Only a few of his sword swings can hit you here as far as I could tell, and if you manage to kill him the door opening dislodges you.
Thank you, Jaws of Death. Not sure if you are strike or slash, but you worked well. A bit of Holy butter added. I pressed Y a lot.
Wait, jaws of death? The scissor sword!? I GOT HIM WITH THE SAME WEAPON! *BROFIST*
Really? Use a healing item to regain health? Who'd have though
what the hell I use hacks to restore that specific loss of health smh
Hah right? Of course, this is probably for people like me, who didn't know you could slide down ladders until the Red Cage area.
Probably my favorite fight in the game The other bosses just anoyed me, the have good design, but are boring af This battle was, for me, a real skill battle, not a "i do more damage than you" battle
Maan, If the dev can just add 100 or more Strike Def and raise the poise. It feels underwhelming when using Trinity Scepter
This is a great fight, but the balance is horrible. He dies in like 5 hits from the Trinity Scepter, but Dex builds (excluding ones with guns) and mages take forever to whittle him down. Really, 500 def for all elements and 180 for slash but ZERO for strike? Come on, strength builds are already overpowered. He should just be 100 across the board or something. He's the final boss for the Three's sake, there aren't even any cool lore reasons behind his resistances.
I agree. I was reading through this page and everyone was like 'This guy's so easy' meanwhile I'm crying in mage with a sheet of paper for armour. I want to recommend my fellow mages out there to use the spells that attack for you (i.e. Static geist, Lightning Pod and Flame Guardian) to take him down