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This happened 2 times in a row to me:
Boss used the grab attack, where he grabs you while charging and the throws you.
At the same time I was blocking with a Tower Shield and was positioned towards the left wall.
Boss proceded to grab me through the block and threw me into the wall. I was stuck inside the wall and the darkness effect was gone.
Boss continued to fight me. I could hit him, he could hit me, but I couldn't move.


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Yeah, he got me inside of the wall too. I could hit him but I didn't have a shield and I couldn't heal either, so it was a short adventure :D
Just had this happen to me as well. Was able to use strike damage to hit him and win and the second he died I was able to move again.
His first Phase has a
4 Hit Combo
And the projectile attack aswell.
Oh and he has an attack which he uses to charge forward when he is too far away.
Use the Silver Shield. It blocks his attacks + his projectiles almost completely. You then only have to roll through his charges to avoid the grab. The best time to attack him is right after the hit that follows his swordthrow.


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SInce the projectiles are white I assume they deal holy damage?
I had a real hard time avoiding the projectile attacks (NG++ specifically), I'd die with the slightest hit and it'd blow through my stamina while blocking. My strategy became to run to the wall, and once they started shooting climbing the wall with Dart + Walljumps. He would often charge after and you can get a few good hits in after landing behind him. Also interesting to note you can jump high enough to "leave the area" and cause the intro to play again when you land. I couldn't manage to actually exit the arena though, and while the name card and zoom in happens again he would often attack during it and sucker punch me as I got my bearings again. His health doesn't reset however, so you could conceivably use this as a quick breather
When he charges up to do his spell attack, you can stagger him out of it.
just had him open with it
I beat him in my first encounter with just 10 hits. Was expecting more from a final boss. I think I got lucky since he didn't use the projectile attack at all.
What rings should I equip
For those struggling with NG+ (as I was!), since he's really stepped up the second time around.

Equip rings that get your Endurance, Slash Resist, Damage and Rolling Speed up.
Go without Shield, two-hand your main weapon.
Learn his moves, always wait for him to attack first.
When he lunges to grab you, roll through him.
When he summons the energy projectiles, run away, and use the wall to jump-dart higher up and avoid them.
Since he has low poise, you can usually combo at least 3 shots and stagger him when he misses you.
I got him with almost no potions left, with half my total life wounded out, when I started concentrating on avoiding him, then getting some shots in. Holy damage seems to help. GOOD LUCK!