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By Anonymous
He's based off the character Old Gregg from "The Mighty Boosh"
By Anonymous
Ever drink Bailey's from an old shoe?
By Anonymous
I died from poison on my way back from talking with Alde Griggs (pc version) the message was that Alde Griggs stole my salt. I went back and confirmed he indeed has a white glow now, but unfortunately I can't kill the SOB. =(
By Anonymous
Ever been to a club where people wee on eachother?
By Anonymous
I laughed so damn hard when I found this dude. Knew right away who he was based on XD
By Anonymous
Dialogue: 1) "You're in my waters." 2) "Hi there." 3) "You like a drinky?" 4) "You like to check out a tavern where things get... fishy?" 5) "I'm fond of you. Are you fond of me?" YES: "Mmm... I like you, I'll let you see my things for sale." NO: (I didn't select this option, if anyone knows this dialogue then please add) TALK #1) "Name's Alde Griggs. This swamp is mine, I think." TALK #2) "You like Alde Griggs' place? You like his shop?" TALK #3) "I paint faces." TALK #4) "You ever drink pessmud out of a boot? TALK #5) "Mmm..." EXIT: "Be seeing you." INTERACT AGAIN) "Hi again. Care to assess my things for sale?"
By Javiex
I hit no and his dialogue is "Hmm...", and that ends the conversation, if you interact with him again he just loops back into your #5. Clicked no about 4 times, and it always loops back.
By Anonymous
Griggs of Vinheim
By Anonymous
Why are people trying to think up other references? This is a reference to the mighty boosh skit. That’s it
By Anonymous
What are ye doing in meh SWAMP, DONKEY!?