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Spear or Scythe, whats better?
Spears have reach, but I felt they lacked everywhere else. Boring moveset for me, too.

Reapers have great damage and coverage, can air combo, and have amazing stagger. They reach fine, and most are fast.

Poleaxes are like a mix of the two. Best of both worlds except no real aerial combat and many are shorter than they look.
Some scythes deal blunt damage, and *****, half of the enemies including bosses are resistant to slash.
I guess Scythes > Pole axes too?
Spears have better combos and range but scythe is faster and has an arc that's quite useful depending on the enemies location. Decide for yourself
Good, I guess Scythes then XD
Really all comes down to move set and atk speed vs damage and range.
Good melee weapon for mage??


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Shikeimaru is an excellent katana-like weapons.
Branding Iron is a magical straight sword.
Northern Cross is the MLGS of the game.

Phoenix Tail can also be used but the damage is much lower.
The sword whip is a good choice. I have the steel centipede for my weapon.
Sweet, thank you!
Black Widow (made from the Queen of Smiles ear) has the awesome greatsword moveset and decent magic scaling. The best part is you can make it really early into the game and use it for the whole game or replace it as other weapons become available.
I use the Kaltic Razor , but i'm a litteraly only mage sooo ...
I'm having a tough time deciding whether or not to upgrade my Kureimoa into a Shrouded Bulwark. I can't find a merchant selling any greatswords, so I can't choose both. The scaling for the Kureimoa is great since I'm going mostly for strength, but the base attack of the Bulwark is much greater.
The Bulwark is for the most part better than the Kureimoa, you can transmute it later another time into a better sword and the Smith upgrade carries over (-1) so therr is no reason not to ;-) + it looks way better!
The blacksmith of the Iron Ones sells the Kureimoa.
I would keep the Kureimoa and transmute later to a better greatsword. The speed of the K is pretty good for a lot of the game.
If you have the attack speed charm and are with either the Three or Iron guys, go for it! You can buy a kurimore off the blacksmith and the Bulwark is really just a straigh upgrade. Go for the cutlass after that, you need to kill the husk to get it
Ah, I forgot: you need devotion level 2 to buy the sword (Iron Ones). Its not much, but you need a leader for the Iron Ones and 3 ears of the drowned peasants. So to get the sword you could convert a sanctuary with a leader and blacksmith to the Iron Ones and change your creed. Maybe that is a bit expensive, considering you may want to reset your sin and convert back to your own creed...
Scaling doesn't seem to do too much in this game, and the Shrouded Bulwark can still be used to transmute into better greatswords once you're able to.
i wanna uese dagger or katana,but more of them dex. correction is not very good (class5),im NG+ still use tachi...
Branch into magic and use the one that scales off dex and magic.
Steel Centipede and Overlord's Bident
I have the skill level 5 for greatsword , but contains a red line. What I have to evolve to remove it.
The single red line means you cannot use it one-handed, but can use it two-handed. To use it one-handed, you have to have a skill level higher than the level of the weapon, which basically means you can't one-hand top-tier heavy weapons because there is not level 6 skill to my knowledge.
1 redline means that you can't weild it in one hand, since your sword is class 5 you can only 2-hand it
thank you friend. I understand I can equip the shield with the sword but by attacking the sword will be slow .
Level 5 Greatswords currently can't be one-handed
The Forgotten Knight's Ear. I'm in the second gameplay and found the enemy. What area do I find it?
I was missing kill the boss to collect the item. Thank you.
You need to transmute it up into the Trintity Greatsword, to do that, you need to go find a alchemist
Sometime weapons have a special to them. Some are obvious like fast or slow hitting. But what do the others do like extra blades on the morning star or slide on one of the Poleaxes?
I'm not quite sure I think it may just be for details but I'm not quite certain I'm think about the correct thing btw was slide a mispell?
I'm finding the scaling in this game to be lackluster. Most of the weapons the have S scaling tend to be total crap with a low attack rating (ex: pitchfork). Is there something I'm missing? Or should I just continue going for the stuff that has the best numbers?



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There is no linear progression from "worst" to "best" in this game. Class 1 and 5 weapons have low base damage and high scaling, whereas class 2-4 weapons have higher base damage and lower scaling. It's all about accommodating different builds and playstyles. Mixmaxers for example would stick to their standard weapon throughout the game, fully upgrade it, and then immediately ascend it to a class 5 weapon, so they only need the one final upgrade material to max it out.
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in souls games, scaling is tied with the weapon's base attack, so most S/A scaling weapons are useless if they have a low base attack
It seems like it's more about the moveset and letting the starter weapons scale better with the later ones so they don't just fall gravely behind. Not sure what maxed single stat numbers are but the starters with S scaling may be more powerful per swing than the last tier weapons.
Is there a way to tell what weapons do strike or slash damage?
Strike is hammer and slash is swords. I believe