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By Anonymous
Good day! My melee playthrough went amazing and the greatscissors fused with fire destroyed the third lamb on like the first try!

By Skulladium
This second phase is utterly stupid and annoying.
So far it is my first blind playthrough and i havent died to a boss more than 4 times max ( that was at Sodden Knight), and all other boswes i have 1-2 shot em (except Jester where i died 3 cause of a stupid mistake of me ).
But this f8cking boss 2nd phase is STUPIDLY random and OP.
I am at over 40 tries and it is impossible to dodge 4 times in a row in a 5 hit combo he does .
Especially the Tail , Jumpback knock , Hit and then Lighting shotgun this sh8t is unavoidable .
You have to dodge onfe behind him , then away then he leaps at you and u dodge behind and then u go out of stamina and you get shot in the face from the Lightning.
I am at NG + 31 on DS3 and every time i beat all bosses , but so much sh8t combo i have never seen in any DS like games.
Even on Midir or Dancer you dont have to dodge so much in random sh8t spam.
By Anonymous
Change gear and use stamina saving charm and blunt weapons.
By Anonymous
WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY TOO MUCH STRIKE DEFENSE!!!!!!!!! This fight would be pretty easy if it wouldn't take so long. But due to the fatituge system i lose 3/4 of my max Stamina and can't roll and attack afterwards, roll twice or swing my hammer twice anymore.
By Anonymous
I jus rolled behind for 2 hits w scythe during lightning charge.. waiting the rest out w arrows (grinding to unlock gun). Bad stats w lvl4 scythe does the job w weapon buffs
By Anonymous
you can skip the untouched inquisitor if you use that giant knight to launch you up onto the platform where the elevator is
By Anonymous
When you see it about to lightning, roll through it and get in some hits. You can also easily dodge lightning from a distance, but it's much better to use lightning as a chance to get on her other side. Remember, you can't allow yourself to get pinned. Less mobile builds will have trouble.