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He's extremely weak to slash, fire, and arcane. I used the Jaw of Death and took huge chunks of his health bar out scissor style. Also, equip your lightening resist ring It makes the fight much easier.
So I can attest to this because I entered the fight with an Obsidian Pillar. I had a bad time.
Just hammer away at it with the fireball spell as quickly as possible and it should go down in a few seconds.
With fastroll you can avoid all his physical attacks, then rush in when he readies the lightning breath and hack away. The breath doesn't hit you if you hug his front.


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If you are holding a shield it just pushes you out just enough to a get hit
I've been using the Cavalier set, and this guy just hits too *****ing hard and way too aggressively to deal with!
I tried it with lesser armour and regretted it. Bear in mind Lightning gets around a lot of that armour...
you need to use light armor all her attacks can be rolled to dodge
Early on in the fight, especially if it's the first time you fight him, take some time to learn his moves. He won't be an easy fight because he can fight you up close and from afar, so he has no need to close the gap if it is you that needs to get in close. If you can fight from afar, so can he.

His wave of electro-balls can be a bit tricky to deal with and intimidating at first, but if you continue to run towards him, his electro-balls will fly over your head instead of hitting you. Don't rely on this entirely, however. Sometimes an electro-ball spawns a little lower than it should and it hits you. This can open you up for a devastaing combo hit, especially in the second stage. To avoid this, roll or block, depending on your build.

His bites are easy to dodge. Just know that his bites are almost always a combo. If he bites, he will either bite again, or follow up with something else. He may follow up hit bite into a tail attack. This attack does poison damage, and can ruin the battle for the unprepared. In the second phase, he can follow up his bite with a shock attack. Beware of this, as it's a combo you don't want to be on the receiving end of.

He has an overhead attack that pushes the Lamb backwards, and makes a shockwave upon landing. If the plavey times this right, they can roll through the attack, then jump immediately after to avoid the shockwave, allowing the player to get in some hits. Do this only if you are confident that you will not die if you were to mess up and get hit. If you are low, take this time to heal, as, even in the second stage, he can't follow up with anything too long range to hit you if you back off the heal. Consider this a breather time if you're feeling like you need a bit of a break in the fight.

If there's anything I missed, post a reply.
The easiest way to beat the lamb is to run in close when he electroballs and roll *through* it. You get a ton of time to slash it up or heal while behind it, regardless of the phase. Knowing this, once you can dodge at least one of its other attacks makes the fight one of the easier bosses in this stage of the game.
It was super easy to figure out his moves but it doesn't matter when the boss just spams***** faster than you can get your stamina back.

boss dies pretty quick to fire attacks so bring some pitchfire if your melee or fire if your a mage
Stay away from this bird and block its electric beam. Then switch staff and launch fire barrages. Time your barrages to stop the bird's jump-attacks.
NG+ mage should use lightning geist, which is by far best spell in the game as of patch
The transmutation of the ashes of the previous boss makes the mirror shield. Think this was a subtle hint? You get a fire shield right before fighting the kraekan wyrm fire breathing dragon and you can if you are OCD about talking to your alchemist get a lightning block shield for this fight.
It's the Hornet Steel's ashes that allow transmutation to the Mirror Shield, and they aren't bosses.
A LOT harder than the Inquisitor despite being just after. Might just be because I'm trying to tank though. Anyways, Pitchfire will solve a lot of your problems!
When I played Turok in childhood, i was the same: The dinosaur was much stronger than that Apachee after him. So the same thought came to me now, that this chimera is stronger.