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still can't find this ***** after searching the ***** out of ruined temple


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I edited the location and how to get to the sorcerer the second time since the location/instructions were wrong hope it helps.



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Whoever wrote up #2... wow. Sorcerer to the left after the boss, but you head right post boss. That's head scratcher.
2 is not wrong I've done it twice.
I tried to go to #2 after beating the Witch and he's not there, missed it after the previous fight. I guess that screws up the questline.
I exhausted dialogue at both locations, have defeated the witch, and she still won't show up at Shivering Shores. :(
Killed dried king and he's not where you find him.... Broken I guess I either start over or superjump through the rest.
Considering he switches locations after the defeat of The Coveted boss, it's safe to assume that if you sequence-break by superjumping around and deafeat Coveted before the Dried King, you ef yourself out of Dart-Brand permanently.
Was i suppose to talk to him after i defeated the bloodless prince cause i talked to him after i beat the dried king
advanced both their dialogues and made sure to beat bosses in order, neither the masterless knight or sorcerer showed up in the temple.
I think if you beat the boss in pitchwoods before coveted it causes them to not appear in ruined temple...threes the magic number right -_-
'' Take this gift. I won’t need it anymore.

Good luck,kind stranger. May you fare better than me. ''

So what does he give?
edit : he gives a charred tome