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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

I saw on Reddit day one that people wanted to map using the ability of screen shots.



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The map was provided to us by the developers and I added the areas after playing through the game and learning where they are. We could construct something via screenshots but it would take a lot of people helping
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Nope, this map is not made out of actual screenshots from the game. I don't know where it's coming from but you can see clearly that it's not a screenshot.
Is the Sunken Keep a little too far too the left?
Exactly what I was going to say. Its east of Watching Woods, obviously.

This map is not bad actually, but the red labels are obstructive.
I'm stupid, maybe it spans the whole way.
Yes I believe it is like an inch too far too the left.
I'd say around the middle if the triangle 5, 8, and 9 would make. An inch is very different from a phone to a large monitor. :)
I would like to see how to get to these areas cause im running around in the same area and I have no idea where to go
Can we have a link for the map without the names and numbers? (I don't mind the wiki link)

I, personally, would like to make a background image with the map.
Did a bit of google searching and somehow found it in a russian site. I added it to the wiki above.


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Hey there!
I've been trying to figure out a way to understand the co-ordinates given on the Wikipedia page for this game and trying to figure out a way to give that kind of information to people before the game releases on PC where we'll be able to map everything with a much better degree of accuracy.

I did a video showing two examples of how to find out the co-ordinates but just in-case you don't want to listen to me drone on about it, here's the formula:

X: (Wiki X Co-ord / 186) + 50
Y: (Wiki Y Co-ord / 186) + 15

Take those and plug them in to the site Mobile Fish (linked below(You will have to upload or link it to an image of the map, make sure the image is the 1920x960 version of the map from the wiki, link also below)) then you're not getting a 100% accurate location for the map but it's better than nothing!

Map Image:
Mobile Fish:

PS. Apologies if this all goes wrong, first attempt at anything like this. Feedback welcome and don't hesitate to comment for help or to help others!
Does it mess up the story if you complete one of the higher numbered areas before the lower ones? I defeated the two bosses in the Dome of the Forgotten before I finished the Red Hall of Cages. Will that affect the game at all?
You won't get barred from any areas in the game, but you may miss out on quests if you don't do things in a particular order, or explore areas thoroughly before beating an area boss. I did my first run all out of order and missed out on completing the Black Sand Sorcerer's and Scarecrow's full quests. These don't break the game, but you might miss out on some neat dialogue or an item.

I know the Masterless Knight, the Thief, and the lady who gives you the hardlight brand will each give you a rare item of some kind, for example, and talking to the Scarecrow will alter the endingredients you receive.
*ending, not endingredients....stupid autocorrect.
Don't know if this was mentioned anywhere on the wiki, but the floating weird island above the Shivering Shore on this map is actually the starting area, where you fight the Unspeakable Deep. You can only re-access it through flying cheats, and the boss also respawns in NG+ with more Salt. So, if that's what you're into, it's totally a thing. But you kill the boss, it doesn't respawn - just like every other boss.
Kinda weird that they'd have it on this map, too, but whatever.


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I found a glitch to get back to the ship. (Actually, other people found it before me, but I'm still a little proud for finding it myself).
I described it on the Unspeakable Deep boss page, and a similar technique is used in this video:
Well that's a lot more legitimate of a way to get up there than I'd found, for sure.
From this map, there is a route on the right of the blackest vault sanctuary... but there is nothing in-game! So can we actually access the area from the right as seen in the map?
No. You can access this area through the blackest vault however. It is a way to ascend back to the surface, although it's pretty silly and senseless since you can't even find loot there IIRC.