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So there's no souls-like coop? That's depressing and I hope they change this in the next game.
By Anonymous
Seems salt and sacrifice will have something akin to summoning, not sure exactly but I saw something like that on a gameplay video of it. Too bad the graphics aren't really to my taste
By Anonymous
As far as I'm aware, based on when I finished my co-op run a few days ago from now:
co-op partner CAN get rare materials, black pearls. BUT ONLY in their world. These do not despawn, from my experience. I ran through the game in about 20-40 minutes or so just killing bosses and grabbing the rare mats / black pearls.

I believe amber idols and diamond clustesr are shared, as there were none in my co-op partner's world. But he has about 5 diamond clusters.
Shimmering pearls are not, however. I JUST went to the crypt of the dead gods to check the shimmering pearls there, and they are there. Only 1 pearl in the inventory before picking it up, as I killed the unspeakable deep on that character.

SO ye. As far as I can tell you can still get the black pearls, you just have to do it solo.
By Anonymous
how to play online with friends by steam ???
By Anonymous
remote play
By Anonymous
A thing called remote play together
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What happen if the host and the sellsword die?
By Anonymous
Both of them respawn at the last sanctuary
By Anonymous
Put a online option the game need it.
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