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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Do you have to be in a similar level range with your co-op partner? And when you're summoned, are you contained to the area of the shrine with the sellsword?
Nope and whenever the main hero leaves a area you follow instantly to that area.
No. It's any character that's available. They appear in the sanctuary with you. It's worth remembering that it's local co-op ONLY. There's no summoning system like in the Souls' games or Bloodborne
Can you play with sombody online
Try Share Play through the Party options in the Playstation menu
It doesn't seem so :c
There are no characters in the roster for my sellsword
Whosever profile is signed in for the second controller needs to have a character created on that account



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You have to log in with another account on your ps4, and play until you reach the sanctuary, then quit and that character will be saved and can be summoned as a sellsword.
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You are a idiot. Read the *****ing page
I created a character through share play on my friends game. He joined me and got to use his lvl 50 character. However, when we called it a night andgot back on this morning. My character was gone and I had no one to use or summon. Why did my character dissapear? I had him up to lvl é5 :(
Your character was most likely created and stored on your friends HDD
When you play on shareplay, you play as a temporary guest account. No saves for any game gets saved for the second player. In other means you who are playing as the non existent user dont actually exist. I cant see how my writing is past this point so sorry for misspelling. Anywho... You guys will have to play on the same console , not through shareplay for the progression to be saved.
someone tested if the sellsword is able to take an oath at a sanctuary?
They can, my cousin switched from The Three to Stone Roots while acting as a sellsword
I was helping my sister through the ruined temple when we got to the order of betrayers I told her there was a rare item in a chest here. So I went and grabbed the drowned Tome for her and I just got salt. I went back to my game and I went to get it myself but instead I got a red shard. I was very confused. Anyone else have this problem?
This article answers your question....

If you pick up treasures or equipment from chests it turns to salt and you forfeit that itme in your world.
I would love to see online multiplayer function. At the very least people on my friends list. My brother and friends live hours away, and I really want to explore the world with them. Local Co-Op was great in the 90s when we all lived in neighborhoods, but now days online play is where it's at. I hope you can create a patch or dlc content that allows such a function.
Try share play, works for me.
Playing with a friend, after the mad alchemist I picked up the key to open the door past the woodswraith area. When i got into my game and got to that point the key turned into a bag of salt, preventing me from moving on.
I had that happen. After I restarted the game and went back to the door I had the key
You already got the key, just open the door.
coop in this game sucks hard -.-

the host gets everything and the summoned char is screwed
every important item turnes into something useless after a coop session

i really dont get it ... why cant both players get the items ?

2nd players game is pretty much screwed after a coop session
If you are the joining or summoned character and you go in and out of your inventory you will be teleported
Player-2 gets most things besides some quest related items (obviously). The rest turns to Salt. What more do you want? If a unique item drops -- it's ONE unique item... not magically two or twenty!

Morons... everywhere morons.
"Morons... everywhere morons."
They really are everywhere, there's even one permanently residing in your hollow head.

Multi wiki:
Sellswords can't pick up top-level crafting materials (Shimmering Pearl, Drowned Tome, etc. Any preset loot not obtained in the Sellsword's world will be forfeit)
Sellswords can't pick up found Black Pearls. (NOTE: Picking up a Black Pearl that the Sellsword has not found in their world will result in the loss of the item for them)
Not true... if you are the joining or summoned character you get any items (not gold) the other player picks up. If you have already acquired the non-consumable items (like rings or armor) you will instead receive salt
Just because the FAQ tells you it's designed that way doesn't make the design smart. Without online play, and only local co-op, it makes no sense to penqlize the person sitting next to you.
The only morons here are you *****tards defending this bull*****excuse for a coop which effectively breaks the other character's game as even certain keys do not spawn anymore if the 2nd player returns to his singleplayer game. If you retards are too *****ing stupid to know or research*****, maybe you should not call other people morons, so sincerely, go ***** yourself you *****ing waste of oxygen and don't forget to eat your own*****.