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By Anonymous
That gattling gun like magic attack is bull***** by the time u fight it ppl have an armor preference so heavies have no chance to move and no chance to block
By Anonymous
She sometimes leaves the Arena and just spams Abilities usually when She has low health.. I don't know if She's supposed to be doing that but i'm currently stuck fighting her on NG+. and most of her abilities will take you out in 1 Go so stack up on Blessed page's or Pitchfire Because you'll be losing all your Gold in this fight.
By Apsinthos
This one and the Spindlebeast are absolutely broken cancer.
By Anonymous
Yep, leaves the screen and spams all over me unavoidable, no way to tell what she's casting.
By Anonymous
Happens to me 50% of the time for me. This boss, while not impossible, is complete bs and cheap. It ruined the game for me.
By Anonymous
There is literally no way to avoid the attack that homes into you, this boss would actually be challenging and fun without that one attack but instead its based on luck on how often she does it
By Anonymous
I have to agree. This boss battle really does not feel fair, challenging, or fun - this character just has way too many overpowered attacks. And it's blatantly obvious this is the case - if she doesn't use the homing arrows attack I can do just fine and get her health down, but when she uses that attack I do not think there has been one instance where I haven't taken damage from it unless I was super lucky - in the vast majority of my deaths this one attack is the reason I have died. There is NO actual strategy for dealing with this attack and based on the fact it staggers you and OHK you, it's rather infuriating to have to keep going through this. What's even more annoying is that she can spam more than one of these at a time or go directly in to her Magic Shotgun attack WHILE YOU ARE DODGING THE FIRST ONE. My Holy Defense is at 132 and my Arcane at 183. With defenses that high, being OHKed is just ridiculous. If this was a very difficult attack to dodge, but it left me with a sliver of life, it wouldn't be so bad. But the current balance is just so overpowered it's annoying.
By Anonymous
Easy git gud. Beat her second try.
By Anonymous
Not gonna lie... getting naked worked 100%
By davidharris
Git gud... and be lucky if she doesn't execute her combo of death.
By Anonymous
This boss is extremely cancerous as an Assassin. I'm not even sure if i want to keep playing.
By NatetheHunter
This isnt a 3D game why are they adding homing magic when all you need is a up and a down it *****ing sucks for me because im a two hander and i cant go back and respec my stuff its bull ***** i fought her and lost and 70 im still losing at 89.
By NatetheHunter
like others have said use rolling and shadowflip to your advantage, phase 1: she will hit you with her magic and her melee, for her single ball just run to the opposite side or the farthest side from her she will come up, when she uses the multiple balls just go towards her and some of the balls will hit the floor then just jump and shadowflip over the rest after that you should have rolling past her melee down, when she uses that purple ball move just wait for it and roll under it even if it looks like its gonna touch you, the rest is final till you kill her
By Anonymous
Killed her and only got 13k salt with salt ring on
By Anonymous
Oh look! Another encounter that *****s over 2handers!!
By Anonymous
I did all the game with great hammers and axes, except from this *****, I had to go for a shield and axe.
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