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By Anonymous
while the boss fight is a load of ****, the design for this boss is actually pretty cool, you have to admit, well.... maybe you don't HAVE to admit, but I like to think so
By Anonymous
Rip cash stack
By Anonymous
this doesnt even deserve a second phase… do they even test their own games
By Anonymous
#16723383 apparently people are not a fan of this all. I actually like it. It's something different and a nice change a pace. Instead of the usual skills required, it tests your ability to focus on many things at once and juggle it all. The issue is the how easy it is to fall off. It's not particularly tough to dodge the fire jets, and if you have the Blacksmith's Armor, Impen's Crest Ring and Impen's Charm, the boss itself is a cakewalk. But the decision to allow the player to get knocked off the platform to their death was a horrible one. I died to this boss 4 times....every single time was because I accidentally jumped/rolled off, or got hit by a stomp and rocketed off the side to my death. That makes it frustrating.
By Anonymous
Je tiens à dire que si j'arrive à battre ce boss, je paye un resto à tt le monde.
By Lux_the_Lost
To the brilliant mind who came up with the idea for this boss...

Never touch game design, ever again.

If this is your idea of a joke, then go back to clown college.
By Anonymous
Honestly I have lost a small amount of respect for the devs for implementing something so just...shoddily designed. Not only are the mechanics completely pointless in a souls-like, but the boss itself looks like they didn't even bother trying and just threw together some default enemies on a tree and called it good. Lazy and pointless.
By Anonymous
F*** this boss in particular
By Anonymous
This boss is VERY frustrating, yes its pretty simple once you get it but mechanically this is the worst boss IMO. Just bad design, the other bosses are WAY more fun.
By Anonymous
You know, I'm disappointed. Couldn't there have been lava in place of the pit, with fire sharks swimming it? Couldn't there be more flamethrowers coming in from the top and bottom ready to char my body and soul at the same time? How about some laser cannons and upside down volcanoes?

You wanna be even harder? Why even have the floor? Why not just start the boss battle falling down the pit?
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