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By Anonymous
It's a mix of Nito and Bed of Bull*****. Expect to be knocked of the platform to your death...a lot.
By Anonymous
Fighting this as a mage is madness. Cant magic with a shield. Any sugestive spells from mages that have beat this.
By Anonymous
I used Lightning Bolt and Fireball.
By Multieyedmyr
I did it. Switched from Lightning barrage to lightning bolt.
By Anonymous
lighting barrage incantation deletes the men in the first phase
By Kilgren
As a mage for the first phase with the caged men, stand under him, dodge his feet and spam lightning storm, the move up left hand platforms, dodge his melee attacks and continue spamming lightning storm until you cant then just bait his melee atk to the middle platform jump up to the top and melee his eye till dead.As a cleric, stand under his feet, dodge the stomps and spam ray of searing until dead.
By Anonymous
Are we going to have enough focus, and class 4 to just spam it???
By Anonymous
I've died 82 times to this thing... Just tonight..3 hours of hell
By Anonymous
I didn't get my salt back when I got him down to 2/3 health. Is this a glitch or do I have to actually kill him to get it back?
By Anonymous
this boss doesnt couted as a creature, so it posed as you die beacause of trap or fall or somthing like that.
By Anonymous
If you die after 2/3 is gone, that's it. It's gone. If you fell, then the usual salt bat will appear.
By Anonymous
Took me three tries on my knight. More than 2hrs so far on my thief, no luck... Game is great, but bosses are so freaking unbalanced.
By Anonymous
I would say this is the only boss that isn't well done. The rest are great and all have great movesets and are quite fair.
By Anonymous
Oh, ***** better not jump up there. Thank god I saw the fire before it spit out and I aborted the jump. Oh, the platform is gone. Oh, sorry the foot stomped right where you fall at the exact moment the platform vanishes. Oh, you got killed instantly. Man, why didn't you just jump into the fire and take a heck ton of damage?This boss doesn't make me feel like I am failing at defeating him. It feels like the boss fails at being fair.
By Anonymous
Died at the exact same time as the boss and lost all salt. Sucks.
By Anonymous
This is the worst boss design I've seen for a while. This isn't like Dark Souls difficulty, it's just unnecessarily stupid. Open floor, millions of projectiles, traps, falling platforms, allocated weak points. Try spending all money and salt before attempting this thing.
By Anonymous
ahaha git gud brother. they just tossed in platformer features on this game and your like "This is hard! not like dark souls"; ofcourse not this game got its feature on castlevania.
By Anonymous
Git gud.
By Anonymous
Both the people replying here are morons. This is not a git gud fight, the skills you learn to beat this boss aren't applicable anywhere else in the game. It's terribly designed, if you think difficulty without enjoyment is the point of dark souls you're missing the piint
By Anonymous
Your lack of enjoyment is subjective. Git Gude! lol
By Anonymous
One might say.....its chaos.
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